Memoir Monday, Poetry


When these three tiny little doses of hope are around,
When these three own little all-natural Prozac moments, bright lights shining in my life are nearby.
When life shares these rare treasures, serving to remind me of all that is sweet and beautiful, I am lucky to have done anything at all to deserve the three of them in my life, then I will forever have hope.

When he reaches his little arms up toward me, as he throws them around my tired shoulders, his hug soothes, the absence, one tiny embrace making up for the lack of another.

When her little voice speaks my name, her bright shining uniqueness she shares, the warmth I feel will flood my heart and soul.

When he sits on my lap, held close, his little arms flapping joyously and hearing of the milestone he has tackled, it makes me proud. He and I will stand on our own, him for the first time and me once again.

When all three of them make me believe, in something so great just out of my reach.
These three are testaments to what once was not, now existing in perfect loveliness, and to what wonders to still be in store.

Deep wells of love once unknown now run so much deeper than I could have imagined.
Love can grow where once there was none before.


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