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Nuit Blanche

My brother’s only real glimpse of Toronto’s all-night art festival, Nuit Blanche, a big inflatable octopus in the subway station.

This did not help me understand this event and in fact it made me even more confused. He is an artist/photographer and even he couldn’t seem to explain it to any real satisfaction. Sometimes there are no words.

I drove away from the city as night fell and imagined all those people wandering through the streets of Toronto, all night, in the cold and the damp October chill.

Check out my friend’s experience with,

Some Untimely Thoughts: Nuit Blanche

She has studied art for several years and could sum it up better than most people.

I found her descriptions intriguing and curious and I think you will too.

All art is subjective. There is beauty in it all, whatever you make of it.


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