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I said GOOD DAY!

The first day of the final month of 2014 has arrived, another Memoir Monday arriving to meet it.

Last week’s challenge was to write freely, on anything I had on my mind.

Two Are Better Than One.

For this last 2014 first day of a new month Memoir Monday, on the

Redefining Disability Awareness Challenge,

I will kick things off on a positive note, in the hopes that the other 30 days will keep the positivity going.

Good Thoughts. Positive thoughts.


Describe a good day in relation to the ways my life is affected by disability?

Okay. Here goes.


This is a bit of a difficult one to address. Not because I don’t have things fairly under control. Not because I don’t have good days. I have many. I am lucky that way.

Probably due to the fact that this could mean many things. It’s important to remain positive about life in general, a great tip for anyone. I just have this other layer of my life and myself that can make this hard some of the time.

On a good day I am secure in myself and where I am in my life.

I go about my day and do what makes me happy: listen to inspirational music, write something meaningful, spend time with the people I love.

I see these things for the wonders that they are. I have so much and my disability does not stop me from enjoying these things. A day can be simple and wondrous, no 20/20 vision required to see it.

I get to the end of my day and I go to sleep, not having had the hard reality of some unavoidable disability thrust in my face. I could live the way I wanted to and do what made me happy, and I hit no roadblocks to any of this.

That is a good day.


Next week I will describe a bad day.

Until then…

That ’70s Show: Fez says “I said GOOD DAY!” on YouTube

What constitutes a good day for you? What does a good day look like in your own life?


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