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My Glass and the Roller Coaster

Well here I am again.


It’s been several weeks since I participated in the

Redefining Disability Awareness Challenge,

having taken a bit of a break over the holidays.

Now it is a brand new year and I am ready to get back to it because I truly enjoy taking part in this series.


So here goes nothing, with the first Memoir Monday of 2015 and my reply to this prompt from the challenge:

Describe your baseline, or an average day.

Life can be a roller coaster sometimes. Sometimes you feel the thrill of being on top of the world and the rush of the loops. Those moments which can cause your stomach to drop out, the twists and the turns, they can make the ride all worth it. This exhilaration can be a feeling you never want to end.

Other times the ride may get stuck up there. Maybe you weren’t expecting it, were unprepared, when the ride turned you up-side-down. Or the deflation of knowing the excitement of the ride is over can pull you down to the ground.

I wrote, in previous posts for this challenge, about my darkest thoughts and my best moments, but really I am a nice mix of the glass half empty/half full.

As a metaphor I like the image of a glass of liquid to represent one’s outlook on life. I think about it often, with the troubles I sometimes face, allowing it to clearly balance my thoughts and to bring perspective.

A lot of the time though I am somewhere in the middle. I like to say that my glass can be either half empty or half full, depending on when you ask me, but that I am constantly spilling.

I sometimes hold it crooked or walk to fast. Life is messy and I make my share of messes.

I love roller coasters, but I don’t tend to be one myself. I believe in balance in most things, in life.

Sure, I have my moments of over-dramatics, like everyone else, but I guess today’s post should be the perfect one for me because I like to remain in the middle somewhere.

This could be called average or baseline I suppose. Most days I just live my life like anyone else would and there’s nothing much to tell. Pretty boring, because that’s what average amounts to.

We should be careful with such words as “average” and “normal” though.

They aren’t a bad thing. I am usually even-tempered, even with some of the thoughts and emotions I have inside.

I can be passionate, when I really care about something, but on a day like today, I let the fact that it is the first full week in the long and cold month of January sink in.

I stay warm and I write. I think and plan and imagine the coming year and my future. I don’t let anything get me particularly down and I try not to get my hopes up too high.

The past several months have been a roller coaster, I would say, even for a mild-mannered person like myself. The holidays were a whirlwind and emotional for me.

On a day like this I try to take stock of my life and I keep my visual impairment in perspective. I assess my strengths and my accomplishments and I try not to get ahead of myself, as there are still 360 days or so left for me to ride the roller coaster again.


So which one would you say you are: glass half empty or half full? OR are you somewhere in the middle, like I am?

Stay tuned:

What are the biggest challenges that you face in regard to disability?

The answer to that question…one week from today.

Happy 2015 and may it bring plenty redefining of disability, a nice mix of life’s roller coaster ride, and fewer challenges for us all.


3 thoughts on “My Glass and the Roller Coaster

  1. I’m definitely a glass half full kind of gal. But am aware that it is halfway empty too so I never run out of liquid. It’s a balancing viewpoint. Half full because your situation could be way worse.

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