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Compassion: Left and Right

I hope you will read my Planting the Seeds of Compassion post from yesterday, but I am also trying to share as many compassion posts as I can.

Joan T. Warren: Heart to Heart

Marge lay exhausted at the end of a long day, her eyes puffy from too many tears. It has been an emotional day for her. As she lay on the sofa catching a quick break, an ear out for when her son’s trach needs suctioning, she becomes acutely aware that her back hurts more than usual tonight. Maybe it has something to do with lifting her “Champ” in and out of his wheelchair ten times today. “He’s getting so big, my big boy.” She works to let go of another wave of anger over the situation surrounding his birth. All these years later, she continues to struggle to accept what is, when she wishes her boy could be healthy. Getting to acceptance and gratitude is a minute-by-minute challenge. She meets it, every time. Turning instead to the present, she longs for a warm bath with Epsom salts, maybe followed by…

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