If Ollivanders Crafted Canes

Hmmm. What an interesting thought. #WBD2015

Adventures in Low Vision

If you can’t escape winter physically, you can at least take a vacation mentally. Let’s travel to Diagon Alley and go shopping. Those familiar with Harry Potter already understand the magical power of a wand purchased from Ollivanders. Woods and cores and lengths and flexibilities are the distinct features of each instrument, but not until a wand chooses its owner does a connection happen. Swish, swish.

What If Mr. Ollivander created mobility canes instead of wands? Another tool that uses life experience and skill. I would want a cane that adapted to my environments and challenges. This is magical realism so morphing items can abound.

Perhaps I would lean on a walnut and dragonheart string core on dark days when I must power through with authority no matter the cost, a la Bellatrix. I would select a long, oak instrument like Hagrid’s when I have the time and space to bumble…

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