Last Shreds of Sympathy Remain Online

I write my post for last Friday and he continues to write his.

Migraine Discussions


I’m so tired I need something to eat

Last night I was in such pain I couldn’t sleep

Migraines, cluster headaches, and neuropathy

Not to mention chronic pain syndrome, asthma, and paraplegia

It seems people don’t have much sympathy except for online

After 3 weeks at the Mayo Clinic my opinion turned on a dime

I just wish I could go back in time

And tell the Mayo brothers what’s happened to their shrine.


It has been desecrated no longer renowned

It still holds the title but it’s as hollow sound

Still waiting on biopsy information that was to take 2 weeks all around

Of course they make all the excuses in the world to cover their ground

For not having the test results ready sitting in a drawer probably sitting in a mound of papers

Lying I deplore, they’re lazy and late I wont take it anymore some people…

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