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Spotlight On Kindness

Last week I was published on a lovely website, devoted to acts of kindness, which are always welcome in my mind. I appreciate that they have let me share my own story with their readers.


This website came to my attention and then to the blogging project I’ve been involved in for the past few months now:

About 1000 Speak

The two seemed to be the perfect fit and they kind of came together at that moment, soon after #1000Speak on February 20th took place.

So the original post that inspired the 1000 Voices Speak For compassion movement was first reposted on this website devoted to kindness,

We All Need The Village,

and then it was my turn.

I wanted to share a story I’d written about a kindness I’ve had in my life since I was ten years old:

A Friend In B



Both these things have always been at the heart of my blog and I am glad they have come together in just such a way as this.

I think we need more websites like


Don’t you?

Update on Compassion:

The movement I mentioned my participation in from above, #1000Speak, will go on.

The organizers have been working hard at making it into more than just a solo occasion. I think this is an excellent idea.

They have decided to keep the 20th as the official day to post each month, from now on, but with each new month will come a new topic under the umbrella of compassion.

For the month of March the theme is bullying and the following blog is where a lot of this topic is being addressed.

The below blogger is hosting other bloggers and sharing on the universal issue of bullying.

Building From Bullying: Village Heroes – Hastywords

I will be making this, at least, a once-a-month thing on my own blog. If a particular month’s theme is especially close to my heart I may use it as the theme for the entire month here or simply write about my own personal take, in a blog post here or there, throughout. I want to keep the awareness going because the alternative is already dominating the news.

I will be posting on bullying on March 20th.

Okay, until next time…


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