A painful read, but a necessary one.


Sometimes I hear or read a story and think… what the actual heck?  Are there really kids out there behaving like this?  Worse… are there really ADULTS behaving like this?  The answer is YES, and it is happening in your own neighborhood, school, church, and place of employment.  The sheer number of stories I hear everyday from strangers and friends alike is disconcerting and extremely concerning.

Today my guest, Andrea Johnson Beck, will certainly take a firm jab at your emotions.  I was angry reading of her experience with her son’s school because I have heard too many stories – from too many families – regarding meetings just like this one.  When your child needs help you, as a parent or caretaker, are supposed to be able to count on the school to help.  There are people in a position to make a difference, who make it their policy, to…

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  1. This was indeed a painful read. It’s never okay to bully and this case was especially stark and clear bullying of the kind parents have nightmares about.

    My 5-year-old has dealt with bullying twice already in her 3-yr school career and we’ve resolved both incidents fully. When effective teachers and adults in power intervene and help in early years I’d say that works wonders. We’re currently dealing with a third issue that I wouldn’t call bullying exactly, and the teachers are less helpful, which really has just been hammering home to me how much parents need to rely on teachers to protect and help our kids.

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