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My Interview With Mapping Megan

I am starting somewhere, starting slow, and hoping to build a name for myself in the travel blogging world.

Indeed, it is a fast-growing world, hard to break into, but I am giving it my best shot.

This hasn’t been highly publicized here, not just yet, but I can’t hold back when I’ve got something like this to show for it.


Check this out!

Can Blind People Travel?


She is the travel blogger, who along with her husband, runs:

Mapping Megan – I haven’t traveled everywhere, but it’s on my list.

I love this line and I love her site.

Check out an excellent travel blog, by a lovely traveler from Australia who was willing and kind enough to give me, a new travel blogger on the scene, the chance to express my love for travel.

Check her out, to see where in the world she has been…if not yet everywhere, still some truly spectacular spots.

Mapping Megan on Facebook

I will be adding this interview to a page on my travel blog, of all the websites and travel blogs I have been featured on.

Along with that, stay tuned for my official announcement here, on my new travel website.

It’s on the way.


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