Happy first day of spring, Kindness, and…his and the post I wrote earlier today are to bring attention and awareness to bullying. #1000Speak



I am a mom with a ten year old daughter, who is struggling to raise a strong individual who will also be a compassionate friend. Trust me, it is a balancing act to create confident girls that don’t become over-confident “Mean Girls.”  Girls can be downright vicious to their own gender and it is ever more important for women to stand together; however, more often than not, we end up bullying each other into adulthood.

If you have seen Orange Is the New Black, then you have a clear picture of what it looks like to be a girl in the elementary school system (sans the rape and murder, of course).  “Mean Girl” mentality is an old epidemic that has evolved into survival of the fittest for our young women today.

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post on cyber-bullies which you can read in full here. Trying to raise…

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