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SoCS: Departed and Demented



You were so wanted and would have been showered with love.

On a day you should have remained safe where you were to keep growing, you came into this world.

No! Stop! Stay right where you are!


What kind of a God would bring you here now?

What demented one could let this happen?

What kind of a world is this?

Life’s not fair. So sorry for the loss of you.

Sorry must be the most over-used word there is.

Sorry. Sorry. So sorry.

We must find it inside to look past the grief of the kind that all of the sorry’s in the world can’t make up for, but oh how the sentiment is genuine.

They care. They mean all the best.

That poor child departed this life, on entering it so soon. Too soon.

Departed this life. What a demented joke life is sometimes.

Nope. Don’t go there. Wipe that thought away from my mind.

Departed, so demented, yet this precious child existed and graced the world with his presence. What kind of a wonderful place it was for his life, cut short as it was.


This was my April 4th contribution to the Stream of Consciousness Saturday blogging prompt.

I needed to get my feelings out and this seemed to fit the parameters.

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Happy Easter.


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