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The Dark Mark

This horrible anniversary has come around with April and spring in my town, once more.

Her Headache

I’ve always lived a rather sheltered life, I must admit. Sure, not always simple, easy, or fair, but safe and secure in every way that counted. I was never scared or afraid or aware of the darker elements of this world.
J.K. Rowling has a term in the world of Harry Potter called The Dark Mark, referring to a symbol of evil in the wizarding world, but this was no made up world. This was no work of children’s fiction.. The small town where I lived would lose what innocence we thought we had, five years ago, on that April day. Evil would creep into our world, forever leaving its mark.
It was a cool but sunny early spring day. I went about my morning as usual, not realizing something could be going on in my neighbourhood until I began to hear the sound of airplanes flying low above…

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