The Playground

I wrote this one year ago. A lot can change in a year’s time, but my relationship with my siblings is something I can always count on.

Her Headache

“The best things in life are always free. Wishing you were here with me.
This used to be my playground.”

Photo albums lined up on a bookshelf. A folder of family photos on a phone. The times have sure changed, but family still matters just as much as ever.

The playground was her favourite image of her childhood and the youth she sometimes longingly strained to remember in better detail, now that she was getting older and felt it all the time.

She felt so disconnected from them, her siblings, spread out across the country and the world. She knew the saying “blood is thicker than water” but she wondered what that really meant. Would they always find time to make the call or the visit? Blood and water were excellent metaphors, symbols of the love there would always be, but then there was the hustle and the bustle of…

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