Connection Prompts For our May Link-up

An important subject.

#1000Speak for Compassion

April has been a nurturing kind of month, with posts coming all month and many of you joining in the link-up. Michelle Liew has collected many of our posts into a magazine on Bundlr: 1000 Voices For Compassion 5 – The Nurturing Edition Be sure to check it out and to share it! ID-10082662

Our theme for May is Connection, including reconnection and reconciliation. If you need some ideas, try one of our prompts below.

  1. How to stay connected during a disagreement.
  2. Judgement to empathy – how they hamper or aid connection.
  3. How to move from judgement to empathy.
  4. Looking after your own needs whilst connecting with the needs of others.
  5. A story of reconciliation after a prolonged period of animosity.
  6. Learning to appreciate someone you previously dismissed or disliked.
  7. Reconciliation of who you thought you would be and who you are.
  8. Connecting with your children.
  9. How to reconcile with your…

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