Once Upon a Time a Girl Started a Blog… and 365 Days Later

Love me a good one year celebration. Congrats SS and everyone, follow her blog, if you aren’t already doing so.

Single Strides

Once upon a time a girl got her heart broken.

She couldn’t hold in all the heartbreak so she spilled it all out as words. She shared it shamelessly with friends and strangers. She reminded other people they weren’t alone by making herself vulnerable to the world.

Once upon a time a girl got her heart shattered. Stride by stride she put the pieces back together. But she left parts of herself around the world to start a movement where even the broken hearted could still believe in love.

Once upon a time there was a sad girl trying to find her happiness. Eventually she found it was there all along. Eventually, she wasn’t looking for her happy ending – she was looking for her story.

Once upon a time a girl started a blog about her breakup. It started small, but grew to something bigger. It wasn’t just an ode to a broken heart…

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