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SoCS: Kerry with a Capital K!





Nothing keeps this chick down for long.

I would have taken part more in the last few SoCS posts, but I have been blogging from my phone or from my brother’s laptop these last weeks.

I destroyed my own laptop and have had to rely on the kindness of others ever since.

What would I do without those who have stepped up to help me? More about that tomorrow.

I missed a previous prompt on names and I had a story all about my name’s origin all ready to go.

Instead I was left to stick to one-liners and jokes, which had their own distinct charms.

I have a working laptop again and just in time for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: “ke”.

I don’t need to use it in any other sentence or word because it stares me right in the face.

Or rather, it is my face.


Why, my name of course.

I don’t usually like to speak in third person and don’t plan on it again anytime soon, but Kerry is back and happier than ever to have this blog.


The prompt and instructions can be found at Linda’s blog.


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