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Lessons From Little People in my Life

Here I am. I’m back.
I did not abandon the

Redefining Disability Awareness Challenge,

like it may have seemed. I love being a part of this project, that I hope will continue on for a long time to come.

The last time I answered one of the questions for RDAC was several weeks ago and I will tell you why that is in two weeks time.

But first…back to business.


Q: What barriers do you encounter in your daily life, when it comes to disabilities?

A: My daily life does not contain children, at least not my own, but that doesn’t mean I wish it didn’t.

Last week was infertility Awareness Week, here in Canada, which made me think a lot about what it takes to raise and protect a child. I think about all the ways my blindness would make raising a child more difficult. I see that there would be barriers of all kinds. The more time I spend with my niece and nephews, one of whom on a weekly basis, I see just how much work it is and all the little things that one might not think of.

Having a baby is a huge thing. You can’t know how huge until you take part, even in some small way, like I’ve been doing in the past five years.

First a niece was born. Then came two nephews. This has been the best five years of my life, but it has made me think about my own life in a whole new way.

This isn’t a daily occurrence at this time, but who knows. Of course, plenty of people who just so happen to be visually impaired or blind also just so happen to have children of their own. Not so unusual.

I simply think about how this would be for me, the more time I spend, gladly taking on and experiencing what it’s like to be responsible for a little person.

They are experiencing everything, all so new in the world, and you must constantly be on the move with them, to keep up with where their little minds and bodies are going.

At any moment they could need you to jump in, to assess risk, to make sure they are safe. This is a responsibility I do not take lightly, now that I have nephews and a niece who mean more to me than I ever could have imagined.

I wonder about the daily life of my future and the barriers I could face. Or not. I really can’t say. I just know I love the moments and the days I spend with the little people in my life now. They are constantly placing these barriers in front of me, as a challenge to teach me things about life and to help me grow as a person.


Redefining Disability has a brand new Facebook page, which I am pleased to be a part of:

The Redefining Disability Project

Check us out there and, barring any further laptop mishaps (not going to happen) – I will be back, next Monday, to answer the following:

What is your opinion about forced treatment, and who should decide when a person is or is not capable of making sound decisions about treatment?


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