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TToT: So Long and Thanks for the May Memories

Wow! May comes to a close, and what a May it was!

Not so sorry to see it go, honestly, as certain events have made it hard for me to be thankful at all.

However, as much trouble as I’ve found it to be sometimes, I still want to find

The Silver Linings,

where I can. That is why, even though I struggled a little bit this week, to find ten things I still had to try.


Monday: For, although Monday mornings often receive a bad reputation, this week mine started out anything but.

I spoke to the author in charge, who informed me that the anthology of short stories (of which mine is included) is to be released on June 15th.

This surely started out my week on a positive note and (by announcing this on my Facebook timeline) I hoped to spread a bit of early Monday morning, start of the week cheer. Hoped my excitement might be contagious.

For spaghetti.

Normally I don’t always enjoy this most commonly known pasta, but I had a lovely family dinner.

My sister made it and I enjoyed each part: noodles (perfect consistency), just enough sauce and it tasted like the perfect flavour of tomato, and the meatballs were just right as well.

Tuesday: For music.

Specifically, music created by my brother and the title of this song, recently recorded by him, caught my attention:

I am thankful for the way music brings people together and for the gift it has been in my younger brother’s life. This is evidence of his talent and his creativity and that makes me happy.

Wednesday: For thank you notes, but more specifically The Tonight Show’s Thank You Notes:

They make me smile. His delivery is so on point. He has been doing this bit for years. Ingenious idea, in my opinion and I thought it was perfect for Ten Things of Thankful.

Wow. Why is coming up with ten things to be thankful for such a challenge? It shouldn’t be this hard, should it?


Can I list a few of these things twice?

Thursday: For one of my new favourite App’s for my iPhone.

Don’t you just hate it when you hear a song and you can’t place it? You can’t, for the life of you, remember who sings it or what it’s called.

Well…Shazam it!

Shazam lets you take a quick recording of any song that is playing. Then it immediately identifies it for you. You then have the choice to play a clip, the video, learn the lyrics to the song in question – all in one place.

For comedian Nick Offerman.

I found an interview with the Parks and Recreation actor, on a Canadian program:

Check it out here.

His outlook on life and surprisingly goofy giggle made my day.

Friday: For the chance to help others.

With my blog, I have the chance to not only share my own writing, but to hopefully help share other people’s writing too.

Happy Birthday! – Something Missing by Hazel F. Robinson

It feels good to help someone who has been helpful to me.

Saturday: For central air.

As the weather, in Canada where I live, as it’s still a mix bag of temperatures, I am only needing air conditioning on certain hotter days. I am still grateful to have it, on the muggiest of days, one of the good and lasting things that resulted from a partnership that is no longer.

Wait. I think this last one can count as two things. Can’t it?

Oh, okay. Here’s one more.

For the end of a particularly challenging month and the ushering in of the month of June tomorrow. I have high hopes for what next month has in store for me..


22 thoughts on “TToT: So Long and Thanks for the May Memories

  1. FRIST!

    Ergh. Sounds like a really tough month. I hope that June holds LOTS better for you, and that you can put May’s events far behind you.

    That said, you found some great things to be thankful for 🙂

  2. As a Floridian I can say. Central air counts as at least five. At LEAST!

    Finding the silver linings in a particularly hard month makes finding them all the more rewarding.

  3. Our weather has been up and down too, and I’m in complete agreement about the value of air conditioning. Even living on Lake Erie in a well shaded house it makes some of our stickier days a lot more bearable.

    Congratulations on having your work published, you must be so very happy about that! Here’s to hoping for a better month ahead and spaghetti that’s always cooked just right.

    • Living by Lake Erie must be great during the summers.
      Yes, I am excited to be getting published. A definite dream of mine.
      Then there are those simplest of life’s pleasures, such as perfectly cooked pasta noodles.
      Enjoy your summer and thanks for the congratulations.

  4. While it was only 60 degrees today, it was up to 85 for several days before that. My husband’s allergies prevent us from opening windows, so I’m with you on the thankfulness for AC!

    The thank you notes bits by Jimmy are so funny. They always make me laugh. Of course, most of the things he does on that show do…

    I do hope June is better than May for you.

    • I like to have my windows open, when it is warm. It’s when it’s muggy that is the problem for me. Luckily I do not have allergies. Yes, Jimmy is funny. Thank you. I have high hopes for the month of June.

  5. I love the Thank You Notes segment on the Tonight Show. I enjoyed listening to your brother’s song too. I hope you have a great June full of blessings and fun. 😉

  6. Thank you for sharing this. Always very important to be thankful (reminding myself), even though there is rough days/events.

    You may have mentioned this in other posts, but have missed it, I did not know you are a fellow Canadian. The weather certainly has been up and down, the few days last week were hot. So glad for you, that you were able to have the air conditioning.

    Here’s hoping that June will be a terrific month! 🙂


  7. (as a co-host, allow me,) SR 1.3 (in England and other parts of Europe) SR 3.1 of the Book of Secret Rules (aka Secret Book of Rules), states that ‘the completion of a List o[f] Ten Things of Thankful is, in and of itself [op cit] an Item of Thankful and may, when properly cited and notated, be used as an Item on selfsame List. (English Addendum to end of SR 3.1 ‘BOOM!’*)
    I hope that helps.

    * source: Lizzi Rogers, Head Mistress of (the) TToT Academy and Finishing School

  8. I am not sorry to see May gone. I don’t try to wish away my life but May just took too darn long this year. I don’t have anything amazing on the books for June I just wanted May to go away. Here’s to a great June!

  9. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful Kerry. Although today is June 2 one would think we were still in March. Yesterday it was cold and it’s carrying through to today UGH. Love your brother’s song I’m going to have to get better at checking SoundCloud.

    Oh and congratulations on being published. I saw the post on Facbook but I don’t recall commenting (I meant to but got sidetracked) what a wonderful accomplishment. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the congratulations and for listening to the song.
      Yes, weather is just starting to become warm. It’s getting there.
      That is why I like the TToT exercise. It helps me find what there is to be grateful for.

  10. Lorraine Marie Reguly says:

    Kerry, I know I’ve not been keeping up with your blog, but I just read this post and must congratulate you.

    I didn’t know you had contributed to an anthology. Good for you!

    FYI, that is how things started for me, too. 😉

    I am here today because I just finished a podcast with Janelle from Authors Talk About It.

    I know you read my blog posts so I’m sure you’ll end up seeing one in a couple of weeks about this.

    Mas had told Janelle and Rob, the two doctors who run that site, about me, after doing a podcast with them months ago.

    I paid it forward by mentioning YOU to Janelle.

    She’s really busy, but don’t be surprised if you get an invite from her once your book is out. Or in this case, the anthology.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up!

    Congratulations again, Kerry. You should be proud of yourself!!

    I know I’m proud of you! 😉

  11. Hey Kerry,

    Well let me congratulate you for the anthology of short stories where yours will be included. How exciting for you so I’m glad that June is off to a good start.

    May wasn’t a great month for me either so I’m glad to finally have it behind me. June has started off well for me too.

    I like your list you’re grateful for and boy, air conditioning definitely has to be in there. We lost ours for 2 days after a horrible storm we had here and it was 90 degrees in this house. You talk about uncomfortable. I live in Texas where it’s hot and humid so I know I wouldn’t be able to live without it.

    Here’s to a great June my dear and may yours be the best.


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