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Stream of Consciousness Saturday


When you read the title of my SoCS post this week, you may be nervous to read on any further. I know what sorts of stuff could fall under the category of “too much information”. I have shuddered a time or two at this, when it is the case. I don’t like too much information, if it’s of the icky variety. People do share much too much with others these days. Some don’t know when enough is enough or when something is better off, more appropriate for a different setting altogether.

I am no prude, but there is a time and place.

I just read somewhere of some one’s bad online dating experiences. They received multiple unwanted penis shots from guys and this turned them off of meeting anyone this way. Can’t say I blame them. Definite TMI moment there.

I do think, with the informational and technological age we now find ourselves in, that there is an awful lot of over-sharing going on. I have fallen into this trap myself, on occasion.


Why, just this week I shared a photo of my new haircut on Facebook. of course, there’s nothing wrong with this, in theory.

In theory, Communism works, in theory.

Okay, I couldn’t resist a Simpsons quote just there. Not my true feelings on communism, or well let’s just say that’s a subject for another time entirely.

I don’t know what makes us crave that attention or that connection, where we want others to view and comment on a haircut we’ve just received. That’s the sort of information I can’t quite figure out.

But with things like Facebook and Twitter I do understand.

As for media, streaming services are becoming the norm. I guess it’s just easier for people to get their fill and their fix of the movies they love, sitting home with their game systems and their tablets.

I still love going to a movie theatre, but it’s the drive-in that’s going the way of the dinosaurs. Extinct.

Today, June 6th, is Drive-in Movie Day.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: first drive-in movie theater opens

I just wanted to recognize this form of entertainment. It doesn’t appear, on closer inspection, that it is disappearing totally, but the one around here just shut down. Nobody wanted to buy it. It had a sort of run-down feel to it, but I think these places should retain their historical charm. It’s a feeling of the past that confronts me when I go to the drive-in. I feel like I am going back in time, to my parents generation or my grandparents’. I like the idea of sitting in my vehicle and having the movie coming through the speakers.

I have some good memories of seeing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince there. I would see that one three times.


I saw Brad Pitt fight off zombies there. *Shudders*

Certain forms of information and entertainment seem to die out, making room for new ones.

Too much or a lack of?


This is my weekly post for:

Do you think that TMI is a problem in the world today?


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