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TToT: Extra Thankful For These Last Eighteen Years

The first week of June showed me just how thankful I am for everything in my life. Here’s why:

Ten Things of Thankful


Tuesday: for precious gifts and beautiful flashbacks.

I was babysitting my nephew. I can’t believe how much he’s grown, over these last few years. He celebrates his third birthday this summer, but it feels like just yesterday that he was born and I was there the moment he came into the world.

Ordinary Miracles

As the first year of his life flew by, many times I used to hold him while he slept. I did this, the first few weeks, at night so my sister could get a few hours of restful sleep and then many times afterward. He used to sleep against my chest, so small, peaceful, and still.

As I was babysitting him this week, he fell asleep in the afternoon, for the nap he still takes and I decided to have a little rest with him.

I am thankful for the chance to feel him sleeping on my chest, maybe for the last time. I held him tight and felt his steady breathing as he slept and it brought back those early memories, reminding me of those early days as his aunt.

Also, I am thankful for old friends and my desire to stay in touch.

I have been afraid to contact this one certain old friend of mine recently. I got over my ridiculous fear, borne of unnecessary worry that I might be bothering her, and I am glad I did.

I was worried over nothing, like usual, and I got to here her voice and feel better about things I was letting make me crazy these past several weeks. I also got to hear her remarkable newborn baby daughter through the phone.

Wednesday: for countless opportunities for reinvention.

I get the sudden urge, every year around this time (for reasons of which I will explain a few thankful’s down) to make a change, to reinvent myself and do something bold and daring.

This doesn’t always work out like I hope it will, but I did decide to cut off my long hair and go short, at least through the hot summer months.


It’s only hair, after all. It will grow back, if and when I want it to.

Along with this, I am thankful for the fact that I’ve got my very own hair stylist in the family.

Okay okay – so she hasn’t yet agreed to sign on as my personal, daily stylist, but I’m wearing her down, slowly.

It sure would be nice to have someone to do my hair every morning, as I have so much trouble knowing what looks good and thus, I rarely do anything with it at all.

For now I am just happy to have a cousin with a lovely salon here in town.


It’s a place I can go, where I know the stylist and trust her to do a good job.

Also, I am thankful for the fresh and plentiful food I get to eat.

As I ate dinner out with my father, we sat in the warm June air of the evening, out on the patio.

He read from the newspaper, an article about the play of Anne Frank that we are going to see in a few weeks, and it made me think of Anne. I know this article was just about the actress who plays the role, but I couldn’t help thinking about the real family and the young girl who were stuck in that attic all those years and the war they were all in.

I have been watching a lot about World War II lately actually. June 6th is the anniversary of D-Day also. I know the food shortages that went on and the starvation. I know it is still a problem around the world.

I am thankful for a fresh salad. I ate my salad, out on that patio, and let my taste buds fully take in the fresh, crispness of the lettuce. I had a huge menu of items to choose from, right there in front of me and at my disposal. Not all today nor in days past are/were quite so lucky.

Thursday: for the release of new songs and albums.

This week I discovered music from a music group and an artist I listen to.

On June 2nd the newest Florence + The Machine album came out (How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful) and also the newest single by LOLAWOLF.

The first has a voice infused with raw power. This song by Florence,

“What Kind of Man”,

had me finding a place and a way of releasing a little bit of my anger. We all need this from time to time, which helps us learn what we are most thankful for once more.

Also, I am thankful that I can share interesting music with my brother, when on a rare occasion it is me sharing with him what I’ve found, not the other way round.

I showed him this song from LOLAWOLF,

“Every F—in Day”,

which is the band of Lenny Kravitz’s daughter – Zoe Kravitz. It’s a strange song, likely not to everybody’s taste, but it’s the weird songs I send my brother’s way, just to see what he thinks.

I’m thankful for the tiny perfection of baby clothes. I got to pick some out for a little girl I already love and I haven’t even met her yet, but she is the daughter of someone I couldn’t love more if she were my own sister.

I love clothes, and these small garments are perfection, just like the little beings who wear them.

Baby clothes are so cute and I have only really gotten the chance to buy them, on any regular basis, in the last five years. I hope to buy even more now.

This includes the softest of soft little baby blankets.

Friday: for anniversaries, good health, and lack of dialysis.

I couldn’t let a week of things I’m thankful for go by, specifically this particular week, without mentioning the importance June 5th has to my past, my now, and my future health and well-being.

I wrote about it just the other day on my blog, my thoughts on this particular June 5th.

It’s now eighteen years and counting since I received a kidney transplant. My father donated his kidney to his youngest daughter and I owe him more than most children owe their parents.

June is Father’s Day for many fathers, but for myself and my dad it can’t quite compare with our anniversary.

Most fathers and daughters don’t have anniversaries. That is what we call it, but in many ways (like I said in “New Month, New Me”, I also think of June 5th, 1997 as my birthday of sorts. It was the day when my life began again, after feeling so sick for the previous couple of years. It was one of those life-changing days that you look back on as being when your life was forever altered, one of those days when your life would never be as it was.

So I am thankful to my father. He went above and beyond what a father usually does and he gave me a new lease on life.

I hope I’ve made him proud of me since then and that I continue to do so. Our connection as father and daughter grows ever deeper.

Saturday: for vanilla lattes.

McDonald’s really does make the best ones. Who’s with me?

So thanks to:

Lizzi and the rest of the Ten Things of Thankful group.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone and don’t forget to be thankful for your health when it is good.


33 thoughts on “TToT: Extra Thankful For These Last Eighteen Years

  1. Ohhhh your hair looks so funky short like that! You should do that again.

    Thankful for those precious moments with a baby snuggled against your chest are GORGEOUS and to be treasured forever and ever. They’re the closest thing to perfection, I think.

    Your al fresco dinner sounds GORGEOUS.

  2. No, not everyone can be thankful for getting a kidney from their father. …And the perfect clothes for the perfect little beings…oh, so much love here. ❤

  3. I really like your new haircut! I’m with you on hair being just hair and it grows back.

    I firmly believe that all the best naps are naps taken with an infant or baby laying on your chest.

  4. What an amazing special bond you and your father have. How truly special to give and receive the gift of life. I love this post! Take care. You look great 🙂

  5. plaguedparents says:

    Great haircut! I too love the new music we are hearing from Florence, she rocks! I hope you have another terrific week!

  6. Wow! Reading about your bond with your dad got me all emotional. I’m gonna guess your dad feels just as grateful as you are. Happy anniversary!
    That is a great cut. Short hair is good on you!
    One of my best friend’s daughters is heading off to cosmetology school in the fall. I cannot wait for her to learn how to cut hair! I need someone to learn my hair and know how to cut it. I’ve had too many people mess it up.

  7. There is so much good here. I love your hair but I’m not looking again because I’m in growout and I have to hold steady to get past the “I hate it I’m just cutting it again” stage. 😀
    Thanks for sharing about your anniversary – that is absolutely wonderful. Best to you and your Dad. That just made my heart soar!

  8. I’m so glad I started my morning off by reading your post! 🙂 It’s filled with love and lovely thankful things from top to bottom and I love it! Your hair looks great like that! Seeing it inspires me to finally try something new and different with mine. How lucky you are to have a cousin with a salon. And baby nephews and nieces – holding and loving them – treasured moments that I thrilled to as well. You mentioned WWII and the struggles they faced in Europe during that time. I just finished reading the latest book by Kristin Hannah – The Nightingale. If you like historical fiction, I think you’ll love this book. It’s all about a family’s struggle in France during that time – the Nazi occupation of their country and how it affected them. A great read. And last but certainly not least, Happy Anniversary! You truly do have much to celebrate and be thankful for. 🙂 Great post!

    • I’m glad you read my post too.
      I’m getting lots of compliments on my hair, and yours is just as appreciated. Thank you.
      Yes, I’m lucky to have my cousin and my niece and nephews.
      Thank you for the well wishes. I just can’t believe it’s been eighteen years. Time really does fly.
      I read about the book you are referring to, on your blog, and I think I will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.
      I have an idea for a historical novel and I should be reading more of that genre.
      Thanks again for reading and have a lovely week.

  9. I loved reading this! I have a special place in my heart for organ donors. My brother died of blunt force trauma to his head when he was 21 and donated his organs to save 6 people with major organs and over 150 with skin and tissue. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Wow, I don’t quite know what to say to this. I’m sorry that you lost your brother. I have a brother too who needed a kidney and was on the list. He got one from an anonymous angel, or so I call them. It is such a sensitive subject, but such an important one.

  10. Vince says:

    “It’s only hair, after all. It will grow back, if and when I want it to.”

    This has always been my attitude to hair. Your new ‘do looks fab 🙂

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