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TToT: Black, White, and Gray

Another week has gone by and it’s been just as crazy as ever. Trump is back in the media spotlight, another mass shooting has taken place, and there’s a new E L James book selling millions of copies.

It’s a crazy, mad world and yet I’ve managed to find ten things to be thankful for, in and amongst the insanity.


Monday: outdoor entertainment.

For the chance to sit and relax outside, all while having a loud speaker down the street provide the music to relax with.

It’s nice when there’s a crew working on a roof a few houses down. They set up loud speakers and some music to work to.

All I had to do was sit outside, in my chair, and enjoy the atmosphere.

For a chance for reflection.

It was five years to the day that my oma passed away.

I wrote a tribute blog post to her to mark the occasion.

Gardens Of Sunset

It was a chance for me to remember all the things I’ve missed about her since she’s been gone.

Tuesday: The Diary of Anne Frank..

For the chance to see this wonderful live performance.

I saw this play, at Stratford Theatre (Avon) in Stratford, Ontario.

I have read the diary, seen the film, but this was a totally new and unique experience.

I learned a few things I did not know, smiled at the humour infused into parts, and felt emotions from a group of people who were well chosen to play these roles.

I had a deep appreciation for the work that must go into putting on a show like that and I felt something. I think that’s what great theatre is supposed to do.

For the chance to celebrate!

My parents have been married thirty-six years and that blows my mind sometimes.

I am lucky to have them and the lessons they’ve taught me, just through the people that they are.

They are a team, they are lucky to have each other, and they know it.

Wednesday: Canada’s health care system.

For the ability to go to the doctor and not have to worry about the cost.

I know nothing’s perfect, including my country’s medical care, but I have needed enough of it to appreciate the fact that I can access it and receive just the same level as anyone else.

I know not all places are that way. I am receiving excellent care. If I were living somewhere else, I might not feel like I can go to see a doctor or a nurse, even for a check-up.

For sarcasm.

I love me some good sarcasm and John Stewart and The Daily Show will be missed.

“Pile of butler skeletons.”

Oh John. I will miss your wonderful brand of truth, spoken through a filter of the best sarcasm, that only you know how to deliver.

Thursday: it has happened again.


For the fact that again I live where I do.

It’s not yet Canada Day and I mean nothing toward the United States or anywhere else.

There is violence in all places in society. I just know I am glad I don’t feel the need to carry a gun. I don’t want to live in a culture where being armed is seen as a necessity.

I hope for less of this, in all places, as time goes on.

For truly unique dining experiences, still to be had in my own home town.

I ate at a new spot, recently to open up in my city.

Sometimes I get bored of the same old thing when it comes to restaurants and food.

“Oh no! Not you again!” This is written on a “welcome mat”, on the way in.


Infusions just opened up and it offers a trickling fountain on the way in, a play area to distract children from even wanting to eat at all, and a candy bar as a dessert option.

Who doesn’t love a candy bar, I ask you?

Friday: there are perfect moments in life sometimes.

For beautiful June weather.

I realized I have a lovely place to sit and listen to music, reed, or spend time with people.

I need to make use of my deck more often. I can get so much out of a few chilled hours on my back deck, in my yard, listening to the birds chirping.

I don’t do that enough and I am missing out when I don’t.

For a sweet and simple connection.

There was no other hand I would rather hold on a Friday night than that of the best guy in my life.

I am lucky to have nephews and I love the car ride I spent with one of them, as he held onto my hand, as he fell asleep in his car seat, on the drive home.

Wow! I think I could have kept going, but I will just leave it there, for now.

John Stewart didn’t only speak about the hilarious events to make the news this week. If you get a moment you should check out what he said about the Charleston shooting. He spoke about how some things aren’t grey areas, but black and white all the way.

I do not mean to end on a sad note this week, but it is something to think about.

Is the world black and white or many different shades of grey?


16 thoughts on “TToT: Black, White, and Gray

  1. Jen @ Driftwood Gardens says:

    Jon Stewart’s words about Charleston brought tears to my eyes the other day. Thank you for sharing this Trump video – I can’t stop laughing at it! I’ll really miss Jon too, but he and his wife are opening up an animal sanctuary in my state (NJ) which is really exciting.

    • Same here.
      I don’t like to laugh at anyone, but that man just baffles me with every ridiculous thing he does and says.
      I love John Stewart. I loved him ever since he starred in Big Daddy with Adam Sandler and I’m sure he will go on to do great things.

  2. I adore mornings and evenings sitting on my deck and plan to be doing a lot of it this summer. I am in Stratford fairly often for my job and one of these days I plan to stay overnight so I can see a play.

  3. Oh how I love a good, live, stage performance. From the acting to the props to the set-changes…it fascinates me. In another life, I would have worked in theater.
    That restaurant sounds like so much fun! The welcome mat alone is hilarious.

    • I haven’t been to a lot of live performances, but after this one in particular, I totally agree with you. There was definitely something special about that restaurant as well.

  4. dyannedillon says:

    I love The Diary of Anne Frank, and someday, I hope to get to visit Amsterdam and visit the Secret Annex, but your story about seeing the play reminds me of something I read in a Jay McInerney book where this girl was in an acting class, and when someone’s performance was poor, the teacher yelled “You’re in the attic.” This is because he once saw a live performance of Anne Frank that was so abysmal that the audience started yelling “They’re in the attic!” when the Gestapo came to the house. Thanks for a chuckle of remembrance for that! Great list, especially envious of your healthcare.

  5. This is a beautiful post all around.
    Your final words about black and white from John Stewart…I was just saying something very similar to my Husband after dinner tonight. The world is very much about black and white – in literal and figurative interpretations. It’s sad.
    Sweet and simple connections…some of the best things in life!

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