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Quite possibly one of the best pieces of writing on the topic of disability that I have ever read.

The SisterWives

Meet Kerry. She writes over at Transcending CP, and I asked her to write for Sisterwives because she has SO MUCH to teach. Since I found her blog via a mutual friend, I’ve been hooked. She writes incredibly well, in such a gentle way that even the difficult things are somehow rendered palatable – nay, beautiful – by her style. And difficult things they are indeed, for she lives with Cerebral Palsy, and it brings its battles to her every. single. day. And she rises to the challenge, and makes it through, every. single. day. She is stronger and more resilient than almost anyone I know, and I KNOW that her life – her words – are a lesson to us all. It is my honour and delight to feature her here – Lizzi.  

We are Capable

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8 thoughts on “Capable

  1. Kerry this was such a pleasure to read. When I got to the part about the boy in the wheel chair and you asking him if he would like to try throwing the ball at the target I lost it. It was such an appropriate wrap up. Thank goodness for perspectives because from you and your parents you were able to achieve way beyond what naysayers thought. It’s a shame that without any information we can just put someone in a box not considering that critical piece called the human spirit. At a young age you realized that when told “you can’t” that was your cue to prove them wrong. You are indeed an inspiration Kerry.

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