Paul Michel: A special place on Earth

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Conservation & Science

Through September 2, Monterey Bay Aquarium and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary will host Big Blue Live – an unprecedented series of live natural history broadcasts from PBS and the BBC. Big Blue Live highlights the remarkable marine life that gathers in Monterey Bay each summer, and celebrates an ocean conservation success story of global significance. We’re publishing guest commentaries about conservation efforts that contribute to the health of the bay and our ocean planet. This is from Sanctuary Superintendent Paul Michel.

Recent NASA pictures of Earth remind us that we indeed inhabit a blue planet – that most of our planet is covered by the ocean. In fact, it is the “big blue” that makes ours a habitable place to live, regulating temperature and weather, and providing more than half of the world’s oxygen. So it’s fitting that Big Blue Live comes here to showcase one of the most…

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