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2015 October Platform Challenge: Day Two, #platchal

It’s Day Two of the Writer’s Digest’s “No Rules” 2015 October Platform Challenge.

Setting Goals

When it comes to goal setting, the one in charge of this challenge, Robert Lee Brewer states:

“There are some people who believe in just charging blindly forward,”

and I guess I am the literal example of this.


Sometimes I do this … Or I always do this … I don’t really know where one ends and the other begins.


Short Term Goals
**Finish writing a literary travel essay for a travel writer I greatly admire.
**participate in my very first Internet radio show interview.
**Complete a story for a visually impaired themed magazine.
**Completing this 2015 October Platform Challenge.
**Enter a short story in the Alice Munro Short Story Competition.
**Get paid for something I’ve written.

Long Term Goals
**Have written my own book.
**Find my book in a bookstore.
**Write multiple novels.
**Get an essay published in Full Grown People.
**Get an essay published in New York Times, Modern Love.
**Make a reasonable living and be able to support myself from my writing.


What are some goals you have for yourself? What are your dreams? Whats the difference between the two?


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