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Surprise Surprise, #SoCS


I am back, after another break, and ready to talk about expectations and the unexpected:

Bet you don’t know what to expect.


Last weekend I was not able to participate in Stream of Consciousness Saturday because I was in Toronto. I’d gone there, expecting to do a handful of expected things, but I ended up doing the unexpected.

I went to a Native Pow Wow…unexpected.

I had a delicious Mexican dinner with a friend…unexpected.

I got into a fight with another friend, after I was unnecessarily and unusually rude…definitely unexpected.

I went to a giant book fair by the waterfront. This was planned, but what was really unexpected was my meeting Canadian publishing royalty. This is the type of unexpected event I love. That’s what makes life so great.

I am now left with expectations. I gave my book to a friend, others have said they are buying a copy, and I am now waiting to hear reviews. Did they like my story? Did they not? I don’t know what to expect, but the whole thing makes me question what I think I’m doing writing anyway. I guess I did not think the whole thing through, that people might actually end up reading my writing.

I went to a baby shower today, for a friend. I am not quite sure if she was expecting it. She answered the door when I arrived and I feared I’d come too late, too early, blown the surprise.

I think I am getting a cold. I feel the early signs and symptoms coming over me. I had been expecting this, frankly. It’s going around lately. My friend in Toronto, where I stayed last weekend, she was sick. Lots of people are. What do you expect?


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