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2015 October Platform Challenge: Halfway Mark, #PlatChal

So, there’ve been Twitter chats and poetry. Robert Lee Brewer has ordered us to, “Just Do It,” as the famous slogan for shoes says. This works for writing and I’ve been writing, so it must work.

I’ve decided to combine the lot of these, as we’re passing by mid month here, and I can certainly take a stab at writing poems about:



swings or swinging.

It’s National Poetry Month, but that might not be the same here in Canada, as with so many of these days. Until I can get the “CAPTCHA” read for me, I am not really doing this challenge with the rest of them anyway. If this is just for myself, I will go on my own timeline.

Poem About Science

Formulas which prove what science can do,

I hated science in school.

What did it do for me anyway? What did it all mean?

Periodic table went on for infinity, or so it seemed.

Science is everywhere, everything.

Particles, microbes, things you can not see.

What else is new? This is my world.

Telescopes, microscopes. Both beyond me.

Biology. Medicine. Chemistry. Astronomy.

“Omy.” Oh my!

I wouldn’t be here without it. You wouldn’t be here without it. She, he, they wouldn’t be here without it.

It’s everything and nothing and all of it combined.

Poem About Swings:

During the day or during the night.

Mattered not.

Buckled in tight. No roller coaster for me.

I finally felt free.

Up and over the park, the fair, the world.

In the bright sunshine I’d glide. Up and into the dark sky I would fly.

Feet dangling. Hands gripped tight.

My breath would be taken. My stomach would dive. With or without sight.


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