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TToT: Don’t Count Your Owls Before They Are Delivered – Now and Then, #10Thankful

ISn’t it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about? It just makes me feel glad to be alive-it’s such an interesting world. It wouldn’t be half so interesting if we knew all about everything, would it? There’d be no scope for imagination then, would there?

–From “Anne of Green Gables”

Ten Things of Thankful

So, once more, a lot has changed in a week.


Canada now has a new majority government, with Justin Trudeau as the chosen one. Our twenty-third Prime Minister.


Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Canadian Election

And our Toronto Blue Jays are finished for the season.


Ah well. Can’t have everything.

Two stories, big in my newsfeed this week anyway, were the 20th anniversary of the movie “Now and Then” and the date (October 21st, 2015) which Marty and Doc arrived at in Back to the Future II.

I am pretty sure I saw the first in theatres, with my friends. I’m not certain though. Funny how even twenty years can feel like a long time now. It was the perfect coming-of-age movie for young girls.

Now and Then

Then, the big deal made about Back to the Future. I personally disliked the second of the trilogy, most of all, preferring the first or the third.

Back In Time

I’m not sure if I’d want to have the ability to go backward or forward in time, but as everyone around here have been remembering Toronto’s two World Series wins, back to back, over twenty years ago and then people are comparing what BTTF predicted the world would be like in 2015, back in the late eighties, I don’t quite know where to look. I guess I will focus on the present, or I guess the immediate past, in the week that just was.

Ten Things of Thankful:

For my right, my chance, my freedom to vote.

I wasn’t sure of this, still, as I made my way into my old high school, to the voting station set up in the gymnasium. I wondered if anything I did could really make a difference. I thought how silly it all seemed, with the ads and the fighting between parties, the lies and the broken promises, not to mention the unknown of it all.

Then I voted and I felt empowered. I felt blessed to be a Canadian. I felt satisfied with the contribution I’d just made.

When I’d learned of Justin’s win, on the same night that the Blue Jays won fabulously, I was thrilled for both, for Canada.

I guess, when the person you did not want to win comes out on top, you feel like your vote didn’t matter, but suddenly, when the winner turns out not to be that guy, that’s when you feel as if your vote just might have made a difference.

For the change that’s finally returned to Canada.

For those of us who still aren’t sure, this letter makes it clear.

Justin Trudeau is part of a political dynasty, a little like the Kennedy family, the Clinton family, or the Bush clan. Justin was born in our version of The White House, 24 Sussex Dr, but I discovered that the use of the home for the prime minister is quite recent. Pierre Trudeau was one of the first to live there as Prime Minister of Canada. I did not even know this. I was not far from this place, last winter, yet I knew little about it.

History of 24 Sussex

I am learning a lot about Canada since Justin was voted in. I guess I feel a renewed sense of pride in my country and am curious about things that are going to make a difference, as is the hope of so many fellow Canadians I believe.

For crepes with friends.


It’s a little like Words With Friends. Okay, well actually it’s not, but there were a lot of words exchanged.


I met a friend I’d made online, for the first time, in person. We went to a little restaurant in Toronto, one she’d recommended, called Crepes Club.

At first I wondered if you needed a membership or something, but turns out it was just a place with a lot of crepes, both of the first course and dessert varieties.

Here’s the interview I did with Lorraine last year.

For a delicious latte.

Nothing goes better with crepes than a latte, I think. I was told it looked pretty, with a design made with the chocolate and whipped cream on top, but all I noticed was the taste.

For a chance to tour the new Toronto location of Ronald McDonald House.

“The oldest and the most devastating pain there is: not the pain of childhood, but the remembrance of it.”

–Toni Morrison

I’d stayed in the old one, with my family, back in the late nineties. I admit, I was a little sad when I’d heard about the move, as I loved that place when we’d stayed at the old one. It made me remember those days wistfully, but things must change and the improvement was undeniable.

For the existence of just such a place, for so many families with sick children.

These families don’t need to be worrying about things like lodging and meals, when they are dealing with fear and pain, life and death.

Everything is there for them. Groups and organizations volunteer to come to the house and make meals for the families, multiple times a week, so that parents can have a break.

This is something relatively new, not available when we stayed there, but I see what a difference it makes.

For the little touches that make Ronald McDonald House feel like a home, temporary maybe, but still a home.

I liked the library, of course, but there was a giant moose on the main floor, a fireplace, big fish tank, and a colourful painting on the wall.


I could not see this painting, but it was raised and I felt the lines and the bumps. I immediately thought of that famous Bobby Ferrin song from the eighties. It’s hard to be happy and to just put on a smile, when you are feeling sick and/or scared. It’s hard to be a child and to be ill, but there is plenty to be happy about if you’ve got your family around you, nurses and doctors who care, and a place like Ronald McDonald to depend on.

For another box of my books.

After the Scars: A Second Chances Anthology

We sent for more. I’ve given a few to people and I’m waiting, still for mine, but it should be arriving, with a bunch of bookmarks.

As exciting as this still is and as thrilled as I still am about my words being in print for the first time, in published form, I want to continue to grow with my writing.

For the discovery of a local writing group in my area.

I don’t know why I waited this long to look into its existence, but it meets at the library in my town, every first and third Wednesday evening of each month.

I will go and check it out in a few weeks. I am excited to see what it is all about, what sort of people, from what age group, it is made up of.

Speaking of libraries:

Twitter battel alert: Toronto and Kansis libraries face off over Jays/Royals series

For the graceful and winning way the Toronto Blue Jays went out, with a rain delay, a bang, and in glory.

They played a great bunch of games, coming back from where they’d been during the summer, to give Toronto and all of Canada something to hope for and cheer for, all the way into OCtober.

Sure, there was disappointment, the to-be-expected claims of tampering and fixing of the game, conspiracies, outcries, but for the most part, we accepted our loss with pride and resignation, with renewed hope for next year.

It was just nice to see us all being proud of our team, our players, ourselves and the coming together of so many, big sports fans and regular fans, like me I would say. I felt the disappointment, going to bed before the final score came down, so I can only imagine how one of the die hard fans took the news.

Geez! I really hope my going off to bed didn’t jinx them or something. Imagine if the whole loss was all down to me and something I did or did not do?

We still handled it well and it was a great few weeks we had there.

Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy

Success is not final, Failure is not fatal: it’s the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill

The TToT is brought to you by: The Internet – all those wires running at the bottom of the ocean

Would you go back in time, or ahead, into the future, if you had the chance?

Now and then: I can get just as drawn into what once was as the next person, I often can’t stop thinking and worrying about the future, but I am trying to zoom in more on what’s going on in the here and now.

Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.

–Doris Lessing


24 thoughts on “TToT: Don’t Count Your Owls Before They Are Delivered – Now and Then, #10Thankful

  1. I don’t remember ever seeing Now and Then, and I didn’t bother seeing BTtF 2. I loved the first one (and just rewatched it with my kids somewhat recently), but sequels are so rarely any good.
    Our church helps run a house similar to Ronald McDonald House. It was started after a woman from our parish/school passed away from Leukemia. Families who have relatives receiving treatments can stay there for free. Meals are provided, as is the cleaning. Before this, I never gave a second thought that people would need such a service. We’ve always lived close to a really good hospital, and it didn’t register that other people don’t. Now, though, it’s a different story. I know how helpful and comforting these places can be.
    Have a great week!

    • Now and Then had quite the cast.
      Yes. You are most often correct. First is best.
      We always had a wonderful hospital close by, until my brother and I both needed a kidney transplant and they didn’t do transplants on children there. So then we had to go to Toronto. It’s so great that your community offers such a thing for those in need.

  2. Glad you experienced an uplifting election. I am a total history/government/civics nerd. Every time I vote I walk out of the polling place on air!

  3. This is great – It’s a little like Words With Friends. Okay, well actually it’s not, but there were a lot of words exchanged. So funny! 😀
    I know I saw Now and Then about a million years ago…can’t remember too much about it. I’ll add it to my movies to watch list for the next time I’m wondering what to choose! Loved Back to the Future…the rest of the sequels? Not so much.
    Love the Bobby McFerrin – that’s a blast from the past!
    As for me, I’d rather be right here in the present. We can’t change the past and we can not control the future. We can only life fully right here, right now. I’ll take that any day!

    • Glad you liked it.
      Sequels rarely turn out well. You are correct.
      The present is the best place to be. Yes, which reminds me of a lovely quote from Harry Potter:
      “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

  4. love the question, ‘would you go back in time, given the opportunity’

    as a clark, the answer will always be yes. (as a people), we hold that there is a way to improve what we are and, by that thought, prove our need for self-improving ourselves. (We say, at the Doctrine, if you have a room full of people and want to identify the clarks real fast, simply ask the question, “Hey! everyone? if you had the chance to change places with someone else for the remainder of your life, raise your hand.” there they are….clarks. and we wonder why we’re Outsiders! lol)

  5. valj2750 says:

    Kerry, your posts (and your mind) are always full of many wonderings and positive thoughts. Love that song, “Don’t Worry-be Happy”.

  6. So much Back to the Future hype last week! I watched it with my kids earlier this year (the first one), and they couldn’t stop laughing at the 80s clothing and hairstyles.

  7. Really enjoyed your post…so much is in there. I think I will need to go back and read and reread several times. But just for the quicky…yes, crepes are wonderful, and even more wonderful with glad you got to enjoy.

  8. It is always good thing to make your vote be counted and also to learn more about the country in which you live. I’m still learning things about my country. Joining a writing group will surely be helpful too, although I suspect you are going to teach and inspire others in the group.

  9. I actually only recently saw the Back to The Future movies, because my boyfriend is actually a fan of them and said I had to watch them. I think he was a little applaud that I had never seen them before! I really only remember knowing about that ride at Universal Studios lol that was my Back to The Future. This post got me thinking, so many times we want to go back in time to change the past or go to the future to see what its like. But as you said I too have been trying to live more in the here and now. I guess it is silly to want to go to the future, because we’re going to be there in time! And we don’t really need to know whats going to happen because its already going to happen!

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