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A Fragile Amendment, #BlogShareLearn

Oops! Did not follow the instructions. I love it when a blogger takes the time to host a blog party:


I love a good link up. Just forgot a couple steps…


(Just saw the news. Accounts still trickling in.)


Seems strange to “party” when such crazy things are going on in the world, but that’s part of why I write and blog in the first place. I am sure there will be a lot of people blogging about their feelings at the horror of these latest events.

I promise that my post, despite its clickbait sort of title, is a lighthearted little story and we could all use a few more of those, even more so on a night like this.

A week from today:


I am grateful for a lot of things. I will write about some of what I am grateful for, over the next week, like I have been doing, at least once a week, for months. The creator of #1000Speak just said, upon hearing of the violence in Paris, that we need to continue with our push for compassion, even more than before.

Fragile – Live in Paris

She is wise and she has never been more right.

Paris is in the world’s thoughts tonight.


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