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TToT: Happy Days Are Here Again, #10Thankful

A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.

–Eleanor Roosevelt


I watched a Ken Burns documentary on the Roosevelt clan: Theodore, Franklin, and Eleanor.

I had heard of them all, especially Franklin and Eleanor, but I enjoyed learning about the history. My mother mentioned she didn’t know what to do with me becoming all political all of a sudden, but I assured her that was never going to happen.

I simply wanted to learn about the people themselves, what times were like back then, and how we got here. All the political stuff wasn’t my main focus. I payed more attention to the polio that Franklin was stricken with. I wanted to know how disability was handled in those days and how he made it all the way to the White House.

Then there was his wife and all the social activism she took part in and the work she did for women’s rights. I was planning a post on feminism for mid week, so I was particularly interested.


“Your cares and troubles are gone. There’ll be no more from now on.”


This was a big song in the early thirties and when FDR ran for president, after the crash of the stock market in 1929 and the subsequent depression throughout the thirties and leading up to the outbreak of World War II in 1939.

The Happy Days song was a theme song, a slogan used for Roosevelt’s campaign. At one point, during the documentary, there is one of the first actual film and media clips on record, at least one of the first to appear in the documentary anyway. Franklin’s little granddaughter is the one to deliver that line, which was cute even all these years later, but although her grandfather would bring his country out of some extremely terrible times, the slogan “Happy Days Are Here Again” wasn’t exactly the case and wouldn’t be for more than ten years.

World War II and the Cold War and so on. It all just got me thinking of when we’re ever really happy, as whole countries or as individual citizens, but that doesn’t mean that gratitude is not the place to start.

The psychological benefits of gratitude closely mirror those of meditation

American Thanksgiving, I wrote my

1000 Speak post (the link was open for a whole week),

and then there was yet another shooting outside a Planned Parenthood. What a week.

Ten Things of Thankful:

For my country and my province.

Yeah, Canadians are known for their modesty, most of the time, but lately we have been in the news for many acts of good will and open minds and arms.

Most notably, since being top story in the news around the world, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pledge of 25,000 Syrian refugees accepted into Canada.

The deadline is now at February, but at least we’re doing something and taking action to offer our doors wide open for anyone who wants to start fresh.

But also…Christmas in October.

terminally ill Ontario boy celebrates Christmas early in hometown


Ontario brothers capture incredible photo after bravely rescuing bald eagle

For the chance to share a valuable male perspective on feminism.

Purple: My Interview Wit Garry Atkinson

November 25th was International Day For the Elimination of Violence Against Women. I am very interested in feminism and write about it as much as I can here. It’s important to me and often somehow it gets twisted into something it is not. I want to change that.

The interview I did, is one man’s point-of-view on what feminism means and what it means to be one, to him personally.

After fifty years, Gloria Steinem is still at the forefront of the feminist causehttp://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/10/19/road-warrior-profiles-jane-kramer?mbid=social_twitter

For something to look forward to in 2016.

A little taste of what I might be getting.

I love a good concert and I chose the lawn “seats”, so I really hope for no rain that day in June.

I consider myself lucky every time I see another of my favourite bands live. It is the best feeling in the world, when the music I love surges through me, the performers so close.

For an invitation from a lovely group of fellow writers and bloggers.

I have been gradually building these blogging relationships with this particular group of bloggers from

the TToT.

Well, they hold a big Google Hangout vidchat, as they call it, and they asked if I wanted to join them.

I liked having a place and people to talk about writing with and I told them about my travel blog. Maybe they will be kind enough to offer some feedback at some point.


I am new to Google Hangouts, but they were patient with me, even when I hung up accidentally.



It is nice for me, after so many months of reading and commenting and interacting, to get to put voices to the names. It will take me a few weeks to get a handle on exactly whose voice is whose, but I will get there soon enough. It’s just harder because I can’t keep track of who may have joined or left the chat because I can’t see the separate little windows on the screen.

For a very special 60th birthday celebration.


All the family came together on the final Saturday afternoon of November, to celebrate the best husband, father, and grandfather (PA) we could possibly have.


For some very special 60th birthday cupcakes.


Who doesn’t love cupcakes? How could anyone not be thankful for cupcakes?


I have a cousin who makes cakes and she does all sorts of designs and flavours.

I can’t see them, but I can feel the fondant.

For my brothers.


I am just lucky to have them, all three of them. Whether it’s when one carries my bag out to the car for me and gives me a ride home, to all the times he and the other two make me laugh, to the amazing father’s two of them are to my niece and nephews.

My older brother and I had a nice conversation, which isn’t always so easy in the group with everyone there. He was telling me about how his job is going. He is a photographer and Studio Manager.

Think Global

He has been there for ten years and he is well known in his department for his talents, his hard work, and his integrity. I was happy to listen to him tell me about what his duties include and what an important and reliable part of the team he actually is at that place.


For goodbye hugs.

I am always a little sad when my niece and nephew are leaving. I love our byes at the door. It’s only one month until they will come back, next time for a few days, just after Christmas. It’s like we have Christmas twice in our family. Who wouldn’t love that?


My nephew holds onto me with his little gloved fingers and I say bye again.

For small businesses, locally run, such as my cousin’s hair salon.

I did an interview with her last March and November 28th was Small Business Saturday.

Keep Calm and Get Your Hair Done: My Interview With Alaina From Glow Hair Studio

I think it is important to balance out the giant corporations and brans with the people who work so hard to offer quality options, products and services, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

For two of the most generous parents anyone could ask for.

That is all. They are just great to everyone they meet, especially their children.

I’m thinking this Christmas might not be so bad after all. I wasn’t quite myself last year around this time, but despite everything, it may turn out alright – happy days once more.

The only time i ever heard that old slogan, until I realized where it originated was when Brandon and Kelly got back together on Beverly Hills 90210.

Yeah, well for those of us who were huge fans of the young adult nighttime drama back in the nineties, it was a big moment. I remember how happy thirteen-year-old me was when my two favourite 90210 lovers were finally reunited, after two years of will-they/won’t-they.


What can I say? It got me through dialysis and that lousy year. Life gets more complicated as you grow older and it’s harder to find the sort of pure happiness you used to feel as a kid. This exercise in being thankful helps.

“I am angry every day of my life, but I have learned not to show it; and I still try to hope not to feel it though it may take me another forty years to do it.”

–Louisa May Alcott


18 thoughts on “TToT: Happy Days Are Here Again, #10Thankful

  1. I’ve found myself far more involved politically than ever before, it used to be just my mother’s thing but now I pay attention, voice my opinion and heckle our premier on Twitter.

    You always bring so many relevant quotes to your TToT posts, there is one quote that has guided me for years, I think I read it in a Reader’s Digest magazine, and I’ve never been able to find any reference to it.

    The story goes that someone once asked the wife of one of the US Presidents, her thoughts on raising children. Her wonderful response was along the lines of saying she knew nothing about raising children as she had raised adults. I’ve always wished I could find the true quote and who said it because those words more than anything told me what my job as a mother was.

  2. while not overly a fan of Ken Burns, I do find the seeing the world as it was back in…. very interesting. It’s so much more than olden clothes and no computers… reality itself was different. I enjoy watching the movies (of a given era) as that gives us a very telling insight into the times, watch a movie from the 30s or 40s and you have to be struck by how much they talked! maybe it’s because they just traded in their radios for the big screen, but that’s the kind of thing that makes looking back so interesting, that and figuring why everyone wore hats! (was the climate different or what?)
    glad you joined us on the vidchat… imo the most significant benefit of the digital age, the facility of communication! plus the setting being so casual, I’m more comfortable asking silly question about writing than I would be in a classroom

    • Why aren’t you a fan of his?
      Yes, Gone with the Win was just on the other day. I love old movies, but I wasn’t aware of the hat thing.
      It is true, how even being there once I could tell what a casual feel it had. I felt rather comfortable, even though I can be rather shy sometimes.

  3. A wonderful list, some lovely thankfuls, and some GORGEOUS photos – especially the one of you and your nephew.

    I’m glad I got to meet you on the vidchat 🙂 It was awesome to be able to speak with you.

    And anyone who can keep up with politics has my respect.

  4. Kerry – so glad I got to meet you on the vidchat. Hope you will be back. I too am a bit shy but that eventually lessens over time 🙂 I love being able to communicate real time with folks I read. Nice.
    I enjoy your posts a lot. You take readers on a journey, weaving in and out…meandering along a path. The quotes are always a favorite, the pictures most excellent. I will need to spend time clicking on the links here and do a bit of exploring. I look forward to reading your travel blog. Sounds very interesting!
    Add me to the list of cupcake fans! They look incredible (as your little niece is telling us in that picture!)

  5. Im gonna be brief cuz i have to get the dog out but it really great talking to you friday… I wanna go check out the other blog cuz as i inferred im a blog virgin and didnt grasp the concept fully but the idea of a literature baseline for travel is fascinating to me!!! Almost as much as cupcakes!!! Happy birthday to the best everything guy!!!

  6. dyannedillon says:

    Lots of goodness in this list! I enjoyed the Ken Burns documentary, too. And those cupcakes are fantastic! I especially love the joyful picture of your niece holding one. And so awesome that Canada is taking in 25,000 Syrian refugees!

    • The man makes one excellent historical documentary. I saw the one on the Civil War and World War II.
      I hope the whole refugees thing goes as well as possible. I can’t even imagine, but hope they like it here.

  7. I so enjoy reading your TToT posts! They are so informative and at the same time reveal more about you. Those birthday cupcakes are done so creatively! The link about the two hikers releasing the eagle from the trap was amazing! I think creatures sense when someone doesn’t want to harm them. I’m going to have to explore your traveling blog a little more too.

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