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The Ten Rules I Live By #InternationalDisabilitiesDay

She runs a blog about beauty and fashion. She plays a vital role because many people don’t think blind women care about fashion or could write about beauty.

Greetings Readers!

Today, the 3rd of December is, International Disabilities Day otherwise known as the International Day of Persons With Disabilities. This day was initially set up in 1992 by the UN.

The day is aimed at raising awareness of disability and breaking down the barriers that society forge between itself and people with disabilities.

This year the UN are focusing on raising the profile of invisible disabilities, promoting awareness and inclusion for persons with disabilities and making cities more accessible.

I have of course done many videos on my YouTube channel and blogs covering topics on inclusion, awareness and invisible disabilities which you can view on the playlist below.

What I wanted to talk to you all today is the ten rules I live by as someone who lives with sight loss and a rare congenital medical condition that is in itself invisible. You can’t always see it, but…

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