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A Picture a Day as Writing Prompt

More wonderfully inspiring thoughts from a guest post on one of my favorite blogs to read.

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

Shuly Cawood Shuly Cawood

A guest post from Shuly Cawood:

A few days ago, as I sat on a plane and snapped photos out the window, I decided pictures were going to be my ticket to writing freedom.

I didn’t used to take many pictures. For a long time I had this idea that if I wanted to remember something that much, my memory would keep it.

During college, just before I left to study abroad in England for the summer, a friend had to coax me into taking her camera to document my time. I only took two rolls of film, but I still have every picture I shot from that summer. One of them sits framed on my bedside table: it is of me, standing against a stone wall, smiling for the camera into an unknown future. To this day I have kept the navy blue sweater I’m wearing in…

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