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Advent Calendar Day 20: One Tradition After Another by Kerry K

Check out my latest guest post, a special Christmas post, which I only just finished under the wire for this brilliant holiday themed blogging project, for the month of December. This idea comes to you from Solveig and I’m glad I am included amongst all these other touching tributes to this time of year.

Solveig Werner

Number 20

One Tradition After Another by Kerry K

December was always one full month of delicious food, seasonal scents, jingle bells, and sparkle. All month long, one tradition after another, each one better than the last.

My younger brother and I were born blind, the two youngest in a family of four. The surfaces  of the chocolate advent calendars our grandparents would buy us were smooth and indistinguishable for the two of us, until my mother would open up each door and punch the braille dots necessary to label every day’s number to follow along. The red and green construction paper linked Christmas chain my brother had hanging up in his room was colourless to him, but I loved the pattern and my favourite holiday bright red, counting the days.

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