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Just Jot It January: Cats, Germs, and Hash Tags #JusJoJan #SoCS

Well, it would help if I got the hash tag right. That’s number one.


Ah, right. I felt like 2015 went out on a high note and 2016 started out quite lovely, but it’s gone rather downhill in the proceeding hours.

I have a terrible cold. I feel like crap. I try to pause long enough to reflect on how my 2015 went, but then I realize that year is gone and a new one begins. I am afraid I won’t be able to live up to last year, even with all the bumps there were throughout.

This Just Jot It January thing is all I know so far and I can’t even get the proper hash tag written. Bad start.

I apparently needed to pause a few more seconds, for editing of my first #JusJoJan. The problem is, if I pause for too long then I start to imagine the germs involved in a cold and then I get all creeped out by that thought.

I can’t pause for long or all I can think of is germs and how small they are, but how powerful they are, to be able to reek havoc on the body and I am unaware until it’s too late.

If I pause for very long I let the fear sneak in. I know I have writing goals and aspirations, but what if I can’t make any of them happen this year? What then?

What if I can’t top last year?

There were bad parts, but mostly the year turned out rather wonderfully.

I can’t possibly live up to that. I should be able to. How do I top having my old friend back, meeting her daughter, and having my story published?

A pause allows me to fear stagnation. I worry that nothing will happen, good or less so, this coming year.

Then my cat walks across my sore legs and the pressure of his paws there is just enough to help the pain lessen, if even for a few seconds.

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