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Just Jot It January: Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Leader, #JusJoJan

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Just Jot It January 15th – Leadership


I am not a leader. Yes, I say that and I am not trying to put myself down. Just not a natural instinct to me, but likely we could all become one if given the chance, the right set of circumstances, but a lot of us don’t have the opportunity. It’s just not a role I feel at home in, but I just recently read one blogger’s definition, having to do with writing, and I guess there are cases where I could see myself leading people to certain conclusions, through my writing.

I remember all those leadership classes and conferences some students went on when I was in school. It was hard not to feel inadequate when hearing some other lucky student was chosen for that, but then did the rest of us really want that extra work and responsibility?

What did they do at those anyway?

I do not speak loud enough. I don’t know how to take charge of an audience. I would need a lot more practice than I’ve had.

Then there is leadership of a country. Who would want this extra work or added responsibility either? Someone obviously does. There’s a whole fight over the running of the US going on as we speak. This will go on for many more months. All for what? I guess a country needs someone to lead.

I think the title of leadership is a tricky one. I don’t like to follow a leader. I think such power could go to one’s head, as is demonstrated in one of my favourite Simpsons episodes of all-time:

The leader is good. The Leader is great. Surrender our will, as of this date.


It’s a commentary, of sorts, on those we choose to follow blindly or with eyes wide open. I guess without leadership, in school and in government, the world would be chaos.

This mid-month prompt is brought to you by:

Finally A Writer

Clearly Tessa has taken the lead in calling her blog this, as in that by stating she is finally a writer, it is so. Love it.



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