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Just Jot It January: Becoming One with the Waves, #JusJoJan #TuesdayShare

I am afraid of the water, that it will sweep me out into the expansive openness. I don’t like the gritty, dirty feel of sand on my skin. So why do I feel a wild oneness with the ocean?

I love the sound of the waves and the gulls crying. I love the soft sand under my feet and the cool, damp shoreline.

I love the idea of nature, the way it touches my four remaining senses, more and more…and less visually over the years, but I still say I prefer the safety, security, comfort of being indoors.

What is that oneness that still exists then?

It’s a connective cord I can’t break, couldn’t if I wanted to, even if I tried.

It’s what writing is. Writing is oneness.

I just wrote a piece of writing that was published on The Mighty, about Rare Disease Day, which is coming up next month.

I wrote it and it was accepted, after a few rejections before it. Now I don’t know what I wanted, expected when I wrote it.

I look for oneness, being one with someone through my words and thoughts and feelings.

The One – Elton John

I would spend my whole life there, feet in the sand, as the waves wash over my toes. I would never leave that place, that oneness and connection I have there, but this can’t be. And so I go there in my mind and instead…I write.

Just Jot It January, #JusJoJan

If you are curious what that means, check out the rules:

They can be found right here.

Linda’s contribution to the

oneness prompt

is beautiful, and this coming from someone who does not exactly consider herself much of a fan of horses.

Though, it would be a little tricky to have a whale take me home while I slept on its back.


Thanks to WritersDream9 for your “oneness” prompt.


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