My Bittersweet Love Affair With Books, #LoIsInDaBl

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I’ve shown this photo before, but it really sums up my one true love.

I want to live in a bookstore, in a library, but being surrounded by books also makes me feel partly empty. I can’t read them. I need to scan them electronically or go to EBooks or braille.

I am happy to do this. I have an entire electronic device still full of books someone once found for me. I couldn’t likely get through all of those in one hundred years, but something also stops me from making even a dent.

So much, so many worlds and characters and ideas, so many words to be found.

Nothing can compare to holding a book, even one I can’t see to read, in my hands.

Dusty Old Books

The musty smell of the pages is divine.

I rub my fingers over the bumps on the pages on my Harry Potter book collection. I could read them over and over. It’s a love that is pure and will never end. One thing I can count on.

I’m not reading a particular book at this moment. I can’t seem to settle on one a lot of the time, even knowing how many there are out there. I often still feel removed from all the books I love, like I can’t just pick them up, read any book I want, at any moment. It’s a painfully wonderful feeling, that I have the power to read and yet I lack the ability to in many cases. It’s one of those bittersweet love affairs.

Women and Books

I have written about and reviewed several books on this blog in the past two years.

There was the two-parter review of Go Set A Watchman I wrote last summer:

Jean Louise the Silent, Part One


Part Two.

There were a few posts I devoted to my love of Harry Potter:

To The First Time I Read Harry Potter


Colour, Light, and Magic

Those last three things are things books are to me.

Never As Good As The First Time – Sade

I can easily see the similarity between the first time experiencing the thrill of new love with someone and the first time to read a book that will become a favourite. There is a rush and a feeling you can never get back, no matter how you will always love or can ever hope to again. It will remain a wistful memory and something that will forever be both sad and nostalgic and that’s just how it is.


2 thoughts on “My Bittersweet Love Affair With Books, #LoIsInDaBl

  1. Bee Halton says:

    That is so true what you said about first love and reading a book for the first time. I haven’t thought about that. Thanks!

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