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Love Is In Da Blog:Intro to Wordless Wednesday with a Special Kind of Love, #LoIsInDaBl

Today is a first for my blog, other than the quote I posted once when I was dealing with a serious family matter and couldn’t find the words, but on every other day I’ve been blogging I never run out of words.

Without words I have very little because I can’t see images now, but this doesn’t mean I don’t like photographs. I love them in fact. My brother takes them professionally and as his artistic gift.

Today’s prompt for


is simply


Here’s what I love most.


I love seeing my nephews or niece with my parents, their grandparents. I am not wordless because I myself really appreciate captions on photos.


8 thoughts on “Love Is In Da Blog:Intro to Wordless Wednesday with a Special Kind of Love, #LoIsInDaBl

    • Thank you.
      I know some things are simply captured best visually, with an expression on a person’s face for example, but I personally do best with a caption. But that’s just me of course.
      Thank you for stopping by.

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