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Thankfuls and Finishes – “Word of Blog” with Birds and Stones, #LoIsInDaBl #10Thankful

Who’s excited for Super Bowl 50 this Sunday?

Not me! (Edited post here, as I spelled it wrong at first. That’s how much I am not a fan of this Sunday’s event, but my perfection made me fix it, even though leaving it as the mistaken spelling would have demonstrated the point rather nicely.)


*Clears throat and continues*

As my birthday and second blogging anniversary approaches in a few days I wanted, once more to give back to other bloggers, instead of only talking about my own blog.

I may not be overly thankful for football; however, it’s a three in one with:




I’m thankful for both of these, as I devote the first Friday of


to the regular blogs and blogging I love and love to take part in because they make me a better blogger and a better person.

I’m thankful for

a virtual visit to an old inn in Kingston, in my province of Ontario, Canada.

This is the kind of travel tale I love and am thankful that I can learn about from someone, just one of the bloggers I love. I can’t just choose one blogger I love this week. I’m thankful for all whom I’m mentioning as, on the whole, I am really thankful for finding you all.

This was just yesterday’s addition of a month-long blogging project I am doing, celebrating love in all its guises.

I’m thankful for


I’m thankful for


I’m thankful for


I’m thankful for


And finally, I’m thankful for birds and stones (3 this time, not just 2), but not literally throwing stones at birds of course, not even when I step outside and hear the crazy squawking of a murder of crows in the distance.

A Little “word of blog” never hurt any,


and maybe someone will learn why I love all of these like I do. Maybe each of their messages will be spread far and wide, from one blog to another.

And another…and another…and another and so on…


32 thoughts on “Thankfuls and Finishes – “Word of Blog” with Birds and Stones, #LoIsInDaBl #10Thankful

  1. Bee Halton says:

    Thanks for taking part in #LoIsInDaBl. I surely will check out the other blogs. Well, of course, I know Linda’s 🙂 and that travel post is great. Makes me wanna go there even though I hate flying 🙂

  2. valj2750 says:

    Hi Kerry. Last night was sort of odd, don’t you think? I hope Clark gets his internet back up and we can continue next week. Congrats on your Blogiversary and upcoming birthday.

  3. So, normally, I wouldn’t really be excited about the super bowl but I’m from Denver and the Broncos are going — and I love the Broncos. Also, it’s probably their quarterback’s final year playing so it’d be really cool for the team to win. Going is great but winning is better 😀
    I’m really thankful for the blogging community as well.

    • Well, then I wish your team good luck.
      I don’t have a favorite, but just for you I will go with them.
      Also, wanted you to know that I read your posts, but am unable to comment for some reason.

  4. Hope you’ll have a really great birthday and Happy Blog anniversary! As for Super Bowl Sunday, I have for a very long time confused it with a Chocolate Fudge Sundae. I am French, you know.

  5. ok… Im an incredible dork for admitting this but I love to say “a murder of crows.” How ridiculous is that? I love crows and the fact that they hang in a murder… how cool are they!?

  6. Birthdays and blogoversaries! very cool… the world that blogs open are pretty remarkable.
    Sorry, our mime-chat experiment failed to meet the minimum interest threshold and so, next week we will return to our regularly scheduled vidchat

  7. The blogging community is AWESOME and I’m glad you’re finding so many cross-overs and cool people to hang out with (even if vidchat sometimes goes kinda wonky – btw CAN’T WAIT to meet up again there THIS WEEK, with me and Kristi in one place 😀 )

    I liked the Superbowl. It was my first one, and my newly adopted team WON, which was awesome 😀

  8. amycake76 says:

    Can’t say I’m much into sports either, but I rooted for the Broncos for Kristi. And yay for her, they won!

  9. You always have such a lovely list of things you love and appreciate. You have a lovely spirit, Kerry.
    As for Super Bowl 50…there was a game? Is it football season? That’s how much our family pays attention to sports. 😀
    Hope your birthday week is going well! Happy birthday to you!

  10. Great posts and links to your other posts. I love the smell of musty books too, but not quite so much in my own house. I’m fascinated by what has been written in the past and can’t resist browsing through some of the very old books at estate sales, and used book stores.

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