Teaser Tuesday: Time To Tell My Story Right, #LoIsInDaBl

Yesterday I was having coffee with a writer friend of mine. We aren’t the same age, but we are, in a lot of ways, in the same place in regards to our writing aspirations and dreams.

We were discussing our stories and how we want to present them to the world. She helped me realize how much I want to tell mine, how much I do love stories of all kinds, and what an important role they play for all of us.

And then I came across this TED talk:

Hardwired for story by Sarah-Jane “SJ” Murray

SJ talks about our brains being hardwired for a gripping story arc, a well-told narrative. She sites such stories as “Brave Heart” and “Lord of the Rings” and the horrible story of “Night” by Elie Wiesel.

She starts by telling one in particular, from her own childhood in Ireland, about a little poodle who longs to escape the confinement of his house, run free, and become a cow herder.

On what is to be this,


my teaser is my own.

After I complete this month long Love Is In Da Blog exercise, which really turned out to be a two-month experiment to blog/write every single day, I have decided to cut back a little bit, from blogging.

My teaser is that I plan to take some of the time I’ve given to blogging, to focus on writing my memoir.

This is not a new idea and this decision has been coming for a while now. It was just waiting for my brother, who knows me so well, and one supportive and understanding friend to help me see it.

I have wanted to write an autobiography since I was fourteen. I started it and stopped it and started it again, and so on and so on.

As the years went by, I doubted myself and my story, but all I’ve written, up to this point, it’s all become the seeds for this memoir I am now determined to grow into a story of my life and the lessons I have learned so far.

Diagnosis – Piece of Cakehttps://kkherheadache.wordpress.com/2015/07/27/diagnosis-piece-of-cake/

I hope, some day, you can read it.


5 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday: Time To Tell My Story Right, #LoIsInDaBl

  1. Bee Halton says:

    Hi, that is a great decision. Never doubt yourself! If your inner voice tells you to tell your story we need to hear it!!!!

    • Thank you.
      You really know you’ve got something when you keep hearing that inner voice, going on for several years even, and it just won’t be silenced. That’s when you know you’ve really got something I assume.

      • Bee Halton says:

        I agree, it’s just often a bit difficult to stop that critical voice from telling us off. I believe though once you start you will do an exciting job. If you want to take part in “The Bee Talks With…” over at “The Bee Writes…”

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