Fantastical Places and Where to Find Them, #Travel #Palau #CostaRica #Narnia #LoIsInDaBl

I love travel, but I also love fantastical travel.

For this final edition of Travel Thursday, for


I will, in my mind and through words, visit a few fantastic places. A few are actual locations, perhaps that just sound like settings from a fantasy and one will be a favourite fictional spot of mine.

First, there’s my ultimate fantasy travel experience, which may sound strange and even more if you know me.

Snorkeling Jellyfish Lake in Palau – The Paradise Blogger

I love the sea and everything in it, but I am also terrified of many of those things, including the water.


Even if I knew better how to swim, a year of lessons not having had left a traumatic mark on me as a child, I would still be afraid, but I happen to think it is a healthy fear. Anyone who is not afraid of the hugeness of something like the ocean needs some lessons on how to be humble.

I am afraid of being stung by a jellyfish even more than I am of being stung by a bee. Also, I love jellyfish, not that bees aren’t cool in their own right. However, there’s just something about jellies.

There are those places that really exist that, to this Canadian, almost feel so remote and unreachable to me at this point in my life, that they might as well be fictional, fantastical worlds from a book. The Island of Palau, a bunch of islands in the south Pacific Ocean would be in a story, if I hadn’t known better.

Second, have you ever heard of a cloud forest?

Monteverde, Costa Rica – Monteverde’s Cloud Forest

I just recently discovered this place existed, but I ask you – does anywhere sound more fantastical than a “cloud forest”? No, I didn’t think so.

And third, Narnia, of course.


Mr. C.S. Lewis was a wildly imaginative man and writer. I don’t pretend to understand a lot of religion, but Narnia is as close a concept as I bet there could be in our world’s understanding.

Sure, there are awful creatures, characters, but what else is new there?

It seems a lot like this world, Canada in fact, with all that cold and winter weather, sometimes feeling like it lasts 100 years, but then spring comes and warmer temperatures arrive.

The biggest difference would have to be the lack of animals that speak, but some people would even disagree with me on that point.

I bet Narnia would have a far-off southern land-locked lake where jellyfish who don’t sting live and a forest covered in cloud.


So, what are the odds, do you think, of me pushing on the back wall of my closet and being transferred to a cloud forest in Costa Rica or Jellyfish Lake on the Island of Palau?


2 thoughts on “Fantastical Places and Where to Find Them, #Travel #Palau #CostaRica #Narnia #LoIsInDaBl

  1. Bee Halton says:

    I would never sting you 😉 but I understand the fear of jellyfish. As I child my grandparents took me to the Baltic Sea. There were no jellyfish who stung but the feeling of them gliding along my legs just make me scream. I gave my grandparents a good scare a few times I bet :-). Lovely locations. The Cloudforest and Narnia are clearly my favourites 🙂

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