Final Blog Share: Last But Not Least, #FashionForAll #BlogLove #LoIsInDaBl

Time to share more blogs I love.

For this final February Friday of


I have a theme: female, visually impaired, bloggers and writers.

They blog about fashion, a topic many might not associate with blindness. This is a hard area to bring awareness to, that a woman with limited or no sight might still want to look good, and so I applaud these ladies for the work they do.

Then there are those who blog and write because they love it. They want to speak from their perspective, which may be through literature or writing about travel. They help me feel like I am not alone in my hopes and that such things are, indeed, possible.

These ladies are my heros and my idols, as they are making a difference, through writing and awareness. This is what I want to do also. I read them to give me motivation to work harder and dream bigger.

First, we have Steph from:


Steph’s blog was the first website I found that put it out there that, just because we can’t see ourselves in the same light, doesn’t mean we don’t want to be stylish and fashionable.

Second, there’s the young UK fashion blogger, Emily Davidson from:


Emily is a children’s literature student who loves Harry Potter. I can relate and enjoy hearing about what she is up to. I also sort of envy her fashion sense, as I have very little of my own.

Third, there’s Maribell Steel of:


I did a guest post for this site a few years ago and I want to have a travel blog, even half as amazing as this, to show the world a different but just as valuable way of experiencing the world.

Finally, fourth, there is the talented writer Nicole C. Kear:


Okay, so maybe it is also my dream to have an essay published in the New York Times and their Modern Love column, but that’s why I find Nicole to be as interesting as she really is. She is making a name for herself and she writes with nothing but heart.

All these strong, independent, and intelligent women are making their mark and I wanted to showcase them for that.

Oh, and check out Emily’s Huffington Post article for the #FashionForAll campaign.

I’m a Fashion Blogger Who Happens to be Visually Impaired

One writer friend said it best: we must support one another instead of being jealous for what they’ve achieved because we do better when we help others out.

That is what I’ve taken from this month-long Friday #BlogLove exercise.


4 thoughts on “Final Blog Share: Last But Not Least, #FashionForAll #BlogLove #LoIsInDaBl

  1. Bee Halton says:

    I believe that it is the only way to share each others blogs. There are so many great blogs out there and I am sad I have not enough time to visit all. But I will come back to your choices because they are brilliant. And wow, I can’t believe #LoIsInDaBl is nearly over. I will miss it but not you bloggers because I will keep coming back 🙂

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