Filling Up On Love, #SoCS #LoIsInDaBl

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I say goodbye to love, all before dinner.

I say it, even if I don’t want to, or to what I thought it was. Looks like I was wrong.


Love and food are similar. One could argue that, as humans, we need them both to survive/thrive, or we’d all whither and die from the lack of either.


Relationships and food are a lot a like also. There can be a wide variety of both things and lots to choose from, like when I imagine a buffet, the endless choices that have been laid out in front of us for the picking.

This is particularly the case with today’s growing trend of online dating. It’s the buffet of life and love, endless dating partners. The best way seems to be to sample a lot of different options, to see which you like best.

When one food becomes a favourite you want it again and again, more and more, over and over and over again, until it eventually makes you sick and you never want to even see that food item in the same room.

Wow. Well, you catch my drift I think.

There are a lot of qualities we all look for in a date or an eventual partner. On my list would have to be sense of humour (similar to my own), nice mix of maturity and playfulness which can keep life interesting and lead to all kinds of crazy adventures, lack of the constant drama found everywhere it seems, an open mind to the differences we all share as a common thread, and also, I would have to say, someone who can cook.

I believe this is a skill we all need to work on, practice making perfect, perhaps, including and probably especially me. I just know there are other areas I would prefer to pick up the slack in, as my side of a relationship. I guess you could call it feminism, following the times, but I tend to like to date the guys who don’t mind taking up food prep, who can cook, and who enjoy the process.

I definitely do not mind helping out, making it something we can do as a team. That’s how life should go really.

With all the choice out there, I know it isn’t easy to find the right taste for you, in food and in love.

And when that comes to an end, saying goodbye to that can be extremely difficult.

Coming up to the end of February’s topic of Love” on this blog I am preparing to say goodbye, to a lot, which I figure writing down and letting it all out could help me, give me the boost forward I desperately need. I will continue that subject for these final few days of this month.

And now…time for pizza! Best food ever!


6 thoughts on “Filling Up On Love, #SoCS #LoIsInDaBl

  1. interesting comparison of the buffet of food choices to the buffet of dating choices. I’d never thought of it like that. 🙂 It all comes down to choices and compatibility. 🙂

  2. Choosing food and choosing a partner. Yes, I like this analogy. And how our tastes can change over time. How we change. And how we can be “multi-flavored.” May your good-byes be sweet and usher in new beginnings that are just as nice.

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