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Thank you, Hasty, for giving me the chance to get real about love.


Please welcome Kerry Kijewski as she gets real about love.


Sometimes I think love, pain, shame, and embarrassment are so entwined, I can’t untangle them from one another. The strands of emotion and feeling are separable, if I really look at my past, in reflection, but in the moment I seem to make every one of the mistakes there are to be made.

Why did I think I was not deserving of love? I had two loving and devoted parents and a safe and happy childhood. The teen years weren’t typical ones. I didn’t know what dating really felt like until I was launched into the oddest of odd teen relationships.

I call it that because the romance wasn’t like I saw in the teen romance movies I loved to watch.

Was it me? Was there something wrong? Was I not kissable?

Where were the ones to step in and…

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3 thoughts on “#BeReal – KERRY KIJEWSKI

  1. Kerry, your writing always hits home, and this is no exception! I can relate on many levels, and I can say you are loveable. Just believe it to be true, I’m no expert, but I feel it in my bones, you just need to believe it yourself. It is hard to pour our pain out onto the page so to speak, I know that first hand, it’s an obstacle we need to overcome in our own time, and the time will come when it’s right.

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