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Super Week, #FTSF

I think many may struggle, as I know I did, with coming up with something for a sentence starter such as the one this week.

I know I’ve recently stated here that I know very little about Superwoman or Superman for that matter. Could I relate enough to write anything at all?

I do know that I’ve always wished I could fly. Not fly like we humans do. I’ve done that, well I’ve flown as a passenger (have never flown a plane). I am actually afraid of flying in a plane, but my other dream is to travel more, so I work through my anxiety. After all, it is freaking wildly amazing humans have figured it out like we have.

I’m talking more like a bird when I say fly. I want to feel the wind in my face, hear the rushing in my ears, feel the pressure and resistance in my limbs as I soar up above the trees and the houses. Always a little jealous of those geese as they fly overhead.

Of course, the other thing I’d like to do would be to apparate, like in Harry Potter, as then I could get places on my own, even with the limitation of sight loss. However, that is for another future post.


As I cannot, I had to think why I would consider myself “super) and I thought back on the week that just was.

I felt like superwoman when I wrote my first lyrics…lyrics that were then promptly taken and added to a background of music and sung by a talented singer.

I had a good week. I had my first official violin lesson, wrote my first song, and had an interview I conducted (on the subject of a male’s perspective on feminism) syndicated on Good Man Project, to round out the week.

Even then, I could still end up feeling like I didn’t do enough with this most recent seven days. I hate that.

I did what I didn’t think I could, by producing a note on an instrument I adore.

I did what I never thought I could do, by sharing a feeling through the words in a song, now being set to music.

I want to share my message of feminism, equality, compassion and I found a way to get that message just a little bit farther than I would have otherwise.

I feel how slow going it is to even learn one simple song of Twinkle Twinkle, but then I realized how writing is an art which requires just as much time to learn and grow and develop skill and style as violin or any other musical instrument. I am still working on all those things with my writing and I will be for a long time, just as I still have to master an instrument I’ve loved for a long time too.

I’ve been admired for many things, things some might classify as “Superwomanish” in my life. I often don’t think of my disabilities that way, as they are just my normal, everyday life, but this whole thing is subjective anyway.

I guess I held back because I found the idea of equating myself to “Superwoman” as incorrect or wrong in some way.

I can’t speak of the family (husband, children, household) that many women manage with grace and patience every single day. My mother did it. My sisters do it. Many of the writer/bloggers I read and admire do it too.

I can’t speak of some big, important, necessary career that so many take pride in.

And so I guess I feel like Superwoman when I accomplish something, a goal or skill I’ve wanted to take on and tackle, and I did that this week.

Yet, I didn’t know what to say, but I suppose I can’t let that stop me, and so here I am, to tell you about the week that was.


Hope it’s okay that I took this image from Superwoman Lisa,

go here,

to check out her beautiful brand of wisdom.

This has been a post for the Finish the Sentence Friday prompt, brought about by

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Finding Ninee


6 thoughts on “Super Week, #FTSF

  1. Hi! So glad you wrote (and yes, it’s fine to use that image – Michelle Grewe designed it for all of us to use and there’s another one as well that I’ll send to you). I think your answer to the sentence is perfect. It is really learning and growing and accomplishing that make us feel like Superwoman. Learning Twinkle Twinkle on the violin is awesome, and, as you say, one more step into mastering it.
    When it comes to flying… I know you said you’re afraid of flying but something to consider that will make you feel like you can do anything is skydiving. You can go tandem (a guy in strapped to your back and he tells you what to do and pulls the cord). I’ve been six (seven??) times and each time felt like I was flying and that I really could do anything. Not sure that’s your cup of tea but something to consider! 🙂

    • Oh wow! You did it, not once, but six or seven times?
      I have considered it. Does it take a lot of prep? Do you need to get certifited, like scuba diving? I have been told I should try it and I would love it, but with my fears of airplanes I wonder if I got up there, if I would have the courage to jump out of a plane. My parents would freak out.
      Wonder if it would make it harder if you can’t see. I haven’t looked into it fully, but talking to those who’ve done it is a good start.
      How do you land? Where did you land? I would love to combine my love of travel and doing it, sky diving somewhere beautiful.

  2. Let me tell you something, Kerry, the things you’ve accomplished and fought through in your life? You amaze me. You have more super powers than you know. And Kristi’s right – Twinkle Twinkle? It’s just one step along the journey and you know we have to walk before we can run…or fly. 🙂 The things you say you can’t speak of in your life? They don’t matter. They aren’t the absolute standard by which greatness is measured. They are just the particular version of life that some people are living – that’s their greatness. And you, my friend, very much have your own greatness. As for skydiving, Kristi’s going to have to take you because I’m so not doing that! 😀 Oh, and super powers? I think I would definitely like invisibility. How cool would that be to show up places and check out what’s going on?
    Thanks for your very sweet compliment – yay!

    • Mutual admiration society, you and me than.
      Thank you for all these compliments you’ve given me. I hope I keep living up to what you’ve said here.
      I guess jumping out of an airplane isn’t for everybody.

  3. I have the same problem with feeling super. Unlike you, I actually fail at a lot of things all the time. If I told details, it would be a long comment, but I have been battling some mental health things related to sleep deprivation for a couple years now, and it’s like I’m getting to a point where I’m healing, but it’s slow moving. Now I have healthy goals, too many of them, but much more complex than brushing my teeth today, and I know that’s a sign I’m getting better, but I’m not better enough to live that life just yet. So I’m in a constant state of failure, but I realize a lot of it is just in my head. Like I’ve been published in 5 anthologies and published my own book, things everyone else boasts about and here I am swearing I’m a failure. It’s just an assumption I made about myself. A lot of it is from other people in my life not taking pride in me whatsoever, like my mother, husband, BFF’s and sister see my writing as a facebook addiction, even when I’m getting paid a good pay. I let that consume me to where that’s all I see when I look in the mirror. And I heard someone say some of the best advice I’ve heard in a while, and it’s been haunting me for a year now, but “You are who you say you are.” It’s true. We decide who we are. My failures are other people’s success, and it’s a success because they decided that’s what it is. They decided they are Super. It’s a power you have over yourself and others to decide who you are. Don’t let the world or your feelings dictate that for you.

    Meanwhile, long comment I know, but I have a new website I’m trying to get up off the ground, and it’s called Women of Ill Repute. It’s about sex and sexuality for those who identify with the female gender, but the focus is on feminism in sexuality and healthy choices. I feel like a lot of women make unhealthy sexual choices, or let their sexuality interfere with their self-identity, and I want to combat that, but I do plan on having posts that are not sexual but more feminism in nature. I have a category called, “power” and that’s for that. So if you ever feel like writing for me, find me in the FTSF group. I pay $10 per article.

    • Oh, I feel like a failure all the time. I understand completely.
      Those are some impressive publishing credits. Making something out of being a writer isn’t easy. It must be even harder when you have people in your life who doubt you.
      That sounds interesting and I will be happy to check you out. Is your site right there in the comments on Kristi’s blog?

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