Super Mum

Perfect example of what it means to be Superwoman.


img_15831 Mum and I nursing home (2)Tony didn’t spend time with me like the other new Dads. Most of them stayed the night in the maternity unit. Where nights were filled with the sound of doors opening, releasing high pitched baby howls into the corridors followed by doors closing and short lived eerie silences. Open, close, screams and silence all night long. I could hear their male voices proudly comforting their loved ones. I paced alone with my baby…talking to him about the world. I knew then I would be alone on this adventure. I held my baby close, rocking back and forth, staring out into the darkness of the night.
He was out sailing when I was crying about sore nipples, lack of milk, crazy hormones and no sleep. Mum sat with me instead. He didn’t bother to fit the baby car seat in preparation for bringing baby home. My Dad did that. Like an…

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