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Bold Blind Beauty

Moving Literally and Figuratively

Woman standing across the street from the New York Times builind holding Abigail Style coffee mug with the slogan "Hey I'm Walkin' Here!" Abigail Style coffee mug slogan “Hey I’m Walkin’ Here!”

So one of the things I’ve been nearly bursting at the seams to share is Abigail’s hashtag campaign. For those of you who don’t know, Abigail is my fabulous contemporary white cane icon and mascot of Bold Blind Beauty.

At any rate, since Abigail really is a movement to bring people together by encouraging women who are blind or have sight loss to boldly walk in confidence; she is simultaneously building a sense of camaraderie within the sighted and sight impaired communities by bringing about awareness on sight loss. We should not be afraid to face sight loss head on and to talk about what it means to be blind—yes, we are coming out of the closet because there is no shame when experiencing sight loss. 

Phew, okay now that I got that off my chest (at least…

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