The Things I’ve Seen and Heard, #TGIF #FTSF #BluSkyFriday

The little boy goes from family member to family member, (parent to sibling), but none are cooperating with his request to speak into the tape recorder. This is his ritual, as a way to capture memories for the record, through sound. He can’t see vacation photos in an album. Soon his sister won’t either.

This family is used to their littlest and his odd requests. Well, they might appear odd to some, but it’s just annoying, as the family is finished exploring tourist attractions for now and only wishes to veg in the hotel room. They don’t want to be interviewed, asked what they are doing, but the boy persists.

My brother has tapes and tapes of this sort, from all the years and all the trips we took, and my parents loved to take us on trips.

Now, this morning my cough is nearly gone, but still I’m recovering and it’s probably good my violin lesson did not happen, though I hope I will soon learn second line of “Twinkle Twinkle” before I forget the first.

So, the things I see this morning consist of nostalgia and past family memories, all caught on tape, now digitalized for future listening.

My brother and I don’t see. We hear.


Okay, so I make a little fun with the wording of this week’s sentence, only in that I don’t normally like to pick apart the word “see” as a term that the blind can not really use. I “use” it all the time actually, with no further thought.

I see/hear the fun we used to have as children, together. My brother and I proceed to laugh our asses off, for what feels like hours, while we wait for the coffee that will not make itself.

On the first day of the final year of my brother’s twenties we remember when he was eight and I was eleven. We listen to the tour of the hotel room he did, to understand his world, so he wouldn’t forget a single moment of the time we spent as a family on that summer getaway.

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7 thoughts on “The Things I’ve Seen and Heard, #TGIF #FTSF #BluSkyFriday

  1. So…not to be difficult, but is it kind of an ableist thing, to say things like “I see” or “What did you see when…” because I know that a lot of insults are ableist, and now I’m beginnning to wonder how much of common lexicon is, too. I’m guessing a lot.

    I’m glad you guys have those tapes to give you a ride down memory lane, and I’m glad you’re doing things now with your music and your voices 🙂

    • That’s a good question acctually Lizzi. It’s a difficult question that I often ask myself.
      I don’t want to always take things too seriously. On the one hand I and many people are told we’re being too sensitive when we make it known a word seems to help spread ablism and perpetuate an undercurrent of disability stereotyping in society.
      I also feel like is too short to be offended by everything. I don’t know. I just don’t know.
      Ablism is definitely an issue out there, but most people aren’t to blame. I wish I could take the correct steps and speak up, using my ovice to make people understand, but how can I when I hardly understand myself?
      I will keep using my *voice in all the ways I can.

  2. I’m so glad you wrote this. It makes me wonder how often I say “see.” Recently, I realized that when I was commenting on blog posts, I was saying “I hear you” but really, I didn’t hear their words, I read them. I think that often, we use words that aren’t meant to mean anything but a concept, and I think “see” is one of them although now I’m wondering too. I love that your brother traveled around the room asking people about the day when you were kids. 🙂

    • Thanks Kristi.
      I really do not mind the word “see” or “look” being used by us all. I like them because they are easy words to use, for what they are used for, when I am writing just like anyone else.
      I like to make a bit of light of it all sometimes, on my blog, but then is it any wonder to me when people are confused if it is a good or bad thing?
      I don’t know. Glad to talk about it with you and Lizzi though.

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  4. upasna1987 says:

    Its Great thing to do. My Mother had taped the voices of our childhood.Tape recorders are out now but I love to listen to them as memories.

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