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Don’t Look Back A Song

Thanks Steph, for this share.
On a Monday.

Bold Blind Beauty

A Happy Start to Your Monday

In case you haven’t noticed I get a kick out of sharing the talents of people I admire. Lately it seems, and it really is a coincidence, the Women on the Move have literally been on the move with some amazing projects.

Today it’s my pleasure to share with you a song whose lyrics were written by Kerry Kijewski of the blog, Her Headache and composed/produced by her brother Brian Kijewski. This song will blow your socks off. Enjoy!


Performed by: Brian Kijewski (composer/producer), guitar, and bass, musical arrangement; Kerry Kijewski wrote lyrics; Andrew McIntyre on drums; Imogen Wasse on vocals; mastering done by Carl Peter Matthes

There are days I can’t let you go. Something lost to be found.
Wandering through fog, a forest for the trees.

I’m searching. Bright, shocking are the flashes. Something out there, this I know.


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