If Wishes Were Horses, #FTSF

I must be brief.

No time to waste.

Only short windows of time to write, before my voice software is interrupted and I am cut off from expressing myself.

I want to cry. I know, logically, I will survive.

If I only had a million dollars, or two, like that guy, I just read about, who won $2 mill just two towns over.

Then I feel guilty for this wish. There are people starving and Japan just had another earthquake.

If I only had money seems frivolous.

My mode for communication is being cut off and I wish I had the money to not worry, not to have to depend on people, and just go out and replace the problematic technology.

I have no notebook and pencil. I have only this laptop that talks,, until it doesn’t. Isn’t technolo

Head Finish the Sentence Friday host:



Deirdre’s Daily Dose

writes so beautifully about wanting just one more year with her mother.

So many lovely FTSF posts.


3 thoughts on “If Wishes Were Horses, #FTSF

  1. I understand and wish I could replace it for you. My friend actually works with voice and Braille technology. I’m not sure if she still travels but she tests the equipment out and gets equipment that way for herself. There’s so much out there these days.

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